The Monkeys Paw Vocabulary

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Question Answer
AmiablyGood-Natured/Personal qualities/Agreeably
CondoledTo express sympathy or sorrow
RubicundRed or Reddish
ProfferedTo Offer or acceptance
DoughtyCourageous/ resolute/valiant
PresumptuousImpertinent/Bold/ Unwarrantedly
JarredTo have a harsh, unpleasant effect on someone's nerve
DoggedlyPersistant in effort
EnthralledTo captivate or charm
FakirA muslim or hindu person/ a wonder-worker
TalismanRemarkable or powerful influence on human actions
MalignedTo speak harmful untruths or evil/slander
AntimacassarA small covering for furniture to protect
DubiouslyDoubtful quality or propriety/questionable
CredulityWilling to believe or trust to readily
MarredTo damage or spoil
ProsaicCommonplace or dull
BetokenedTo give evidence/prove
FrivolousLack of seriousness or sense
AvariciousMarked by greed
BibulousFond or addicted to drink
BroachTo mention or suggest for the first time
ResignationAn accepting/unresisting attitude/giving up position
ApathyAbsence of passion or emotion
ShudderinglyTrembling with fear or cold
ReverberatedTo re-echo or resound
AudibleCapable of Being Heard
ResoundedUttered loudily

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