The Middle Ages

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Where was Europes first universities build? Europes first university was build by the church.
What was designed to bring people closer to God?Spires,high ceilings and colorful stained glass windows were all designed to bring people closer to God.
What did thegroup of English nobles decide to force They decided to force the Kings to respect their rights.
Who made up the origanal British parliament? Magna Carta made up the origanal British parliament.
What did the Christians in Europe felt?They felt that the clergy were more concerned with money and land than with God.
What is Hersey? Hersey is a religious idea that oppose church techings .
What did the Christians kingdom in Spain started? They started a war to drive out the Muslims that they called the war reconquistar.
How many people died in Spain at the hands of the Spanish Inquisition?2,000 people in Spain in the hands of a inquisition.
Name two things the medieval Europens blamed on the Jews?1: they blamed the Jews for the death of Jesus 2: they blamed the Jews for the Black Death.

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What was the name of the King and queen that had got married The name of the King is KingFerdinand the queens name is Queen Isabella.
What did pope encourage?He encourage the King and his knights to rid their country of heretics.
What did the King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella created?They created the Spanish Inquisition.