The middel ages

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List two key events in a person'slife during the middel ages in which the local church was closely involved.Religious ceremonies like baptisms and wedding were key events in people's live.
Why did monks of cluny established a new religious order.The monks of cluny,France,established a new religious order.
How were the Domimicans and Franciscans different than the order who lived in monasteries?Women created their own religious communites in convents.
Why do you think so many midieval Europe art was made for the church?Their spires and high ceilings and colorful stained glass windows are all designed to bring people closer to God.
Why do you think the agreement between King and the nobles was called the great charter.This document was called the magnacart .
Who made up the original Brigitish parliament.Parliament the lawmaking body that still governs England today.
Why was Joan of Arcs feat truly remarkable ?The England caught and killed Joan ,but the French eventually won the war.
How many people died from the Black Death 25million people died from the black death
How did the Black Death ultimately benifit the survivors who lived on the manors?Plage survivors found their skill in demand and charge more for their labor.
Why do yo think the church in late medieval Europe felt so threatened by heresy ?By around 1100,some Christian in Europe felt that the Creasy were more concerned with money and land then with God.
Whom did the church send to find possible heritcs?Most of these priests and Friars tried to be fair,but some were not.
What was the reconquista?They called their won reconquista,or reconquist.