The Loyalists

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Where Did The Loyalists Settle?

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Question Answer
Where Did The Loyalists Settle?They settled in what is now known as PEI, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Quebec, Ontario
Where in New Brunswick?Saint John River
Where in Nova Scotia?Shelburne, Cape Breton
Where in PEI?nowhere specifically, it is very small.
Where in Ontario?Along the St.Lawrence River
Where in QuebecThe Gaspe and Sorel

How Did The Loyalists Affect People?

Question Answer
How did they affect the French?Quite a lot, the French wanted to go by their own rules, instead of having to follow the British rules. This affected them in a not so good way.
How did they affect the English?They brpught quite alot to the british, elections, government and other things.
How did they affect the First Nation People?The first nation people liked the loyalists, they helped them fight the patriots in the war.

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Question Answer
Where is Upper Canada?Present Day Ontario
Where is Lower Canada?Present day Quebec
How was Lower Canada Created?It was on the Lower Reaches of The St.Lawrence River
How was Upper Canada Created?It was on the Upper reaches of The St.Lawrence River
Who Was John Simcoe?british general and statesman who became the first govenor of Upper Canada
Who Was Elizabeth Simcoe?John Simcoe's Husband

What Caused The Migration Of The Loyalists?

Question Answer
Why?becuase Canda and the maritimes werte close. (thats what the slide says idk)
When did they migrate?when the war was drawing to an end

What/Who are the Loyalists? Where Did They Come From?

Question Answer
Who were they?American Colonists
What was their belief?That they should be loyal to the British Crown.
When did they leave their land?1775 - 1783
Where did they come from?britain and north america (USA)

Did all loyalists face the smae challenges? What challenges were they faced with?

Question Answer
Did they face the same challenges?No, they were all different
WHY didnt they face the same challenges?some were rich, some poor. They were different races (some black, some white) different rights
Name Some CHallengesgetting land grants, clearing the land, planting crops, building homes

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