The Loyalists

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Who were they? Where did they come from?

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Where did the Loyalists come from?Britain and North America
When did the Loyalists come?1783 and 1784
Who were the Loyalists?They were American colonists who were loyal to the British king
What were the Loyalists called?Tories
When did the Loyalists leave?Between 1775 and 1783
Why did the Loyalists leave?Their land and possessions were taken

Where did they settle?

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How many Loyalists moved to Nova Scotia, PEI, and New Brunswick?30 000 Loyalists
How many Loyalists moved to Ontario?7 500 Loyalists
How many Loyalists moved to Quebec?2 000 Loyalists
What were the colonies called?British North America

How did they affect the French, English, and First Nations people when they arrived?

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How were the French affected?Many things that happened went against the French's wishes
How were the British affected?The loyalists brought ideas like election, freehold land, and systematic planning of townships
How were the First Nations affected?They worked with them and helped them fight against the Patriots.

What were some challenges facing them when they arrived in Canada? Did all Loyalists face the same Challenges?

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Did All The Loyalists Face The Same Challenges?No. Some were rich some were poor. Some were black some white. Some were educated some weren't. Some had more rights than the others.
What were some challenges?Getting land grants, clearing the land up, and planting crops
What did the British do for the Loyalists?They taught them survival skills and provided resources
What did the French do for the Loyalists?They built temporary refugee camps for them
How was land given out?A lottery system

What caused the mass migration of Loyalists?

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What caused the mass migration of Loyalists?The Patriots wanted to be separate from Britain so the Loyalists left
Where did the Loyalists go?Canada and the Maritimes
Why did the Loyalists go to Canada?Canada and the Maritimes were the closest and easiest destinations

Upper/Lower Canada, John and Elizabeth Simcoe

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Where is Upper Canada?Present day Ontario
Where is Lower Canada?Present day Quebec
How were Upper/Lower Canada created?The Constitutional Act of 1791 split Quebec into 2 halves, separated by the Ottawa River
Who is John Simcoe?A British general who became governor of Upper Canada
Who is Elizabeth Simcoe?John's wife. She was an artist