The Language of 3D

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On this page you will learn the Language of 3D. Good Luck!

General 3D Glossary of Terms


Question Answer
2.5Dflat drawing used to produce 3D parts using CAM or 2D software to draw pictorial graphics
2Dorthographic drawing showing only 2 of the 3 dimensions
3Ddrawing or model of object where width, breadth and depth are displayed
3D Printeroutput device that prints solid objects from 3D models

3D Glossary of Terms (A-B)


Question Answer
Alignassembly command, where 2 faces line up with each other
Animationrecorded or controlled graphical movements of models for visual impact
Arrayrepeating a profile or feature in selected pattern
Assemblycombination of parts to make complete product
Axisline in single direction around which objects can be revolved

3D Glossary of Terms (C-D)

Question Answer
CADcomputer aided design
CAMcomputer aided manufacture
Chamfercommand that allows edge to be replaced by angled face
Componentindividual 3D model or parts used in assemblies
Concentriccylindrical or curved items that align through their centre points
Constraintcommand used to control shape and size of lines used in sketches or component parts within assemblies
Constructionmethod of using sketch tools to draw geometry that helps to produce profiles
CNCcomputer numerical control used to control CAM equipment

3D Glossary of Terms (E-L)


Question Answer
Extrude3D CAD feature that allows 2D profiles to be pulled into 3D shapes
Featureelement of 3D work created by adding or subtracting material
Filletcommand that allows sharp edge to be replaced with curve
Helixspiral form created by revolving 3D feature round axis with change in pitch
Illustrationcomputer graphic with colour, material, light, shadow and reflection
Loft3D feature created by joining profiles sketched on separated workplanes

3D Glossary of Terms (M-R)


Question Answer
Mateassembly command whereby 2 faces join each other
Model Treestructure or series of operations used to create 3D model
Offsetassembly constraint used with mate or align, but sets distance between faces
Orientassembly command used to set angle between 2 faces
Polylineseries of connected straight lines
Profile2D shape used to create 3D features
Projectionused to grab geometry from feature or sketch to assist in production of another sketch
Revolverotate profile around axis to create 3D feature

3D Glossary of Terms (S)


Question Answer
Shellcommand that allows you to remove interior of 3D feature
Simulationmethod of using CAD to test products, train people or predict outcomes
Sketchcreating profile on workplanes and/or surfaces of 3D models
Solid Modelmethod of creating 3D models
Splineline with control nodes that allow smooth curves to be drawn or modified

3D Glossary of Terms (S-W)


Question Answer
Subtract3D feature used to remove material from another feature
Surface Modellingtechnique that represents surfaces of models only, with no wall thickness or internal material
Surface Sketchsketch drawn on 3D model to make further features
Union3D feature joined to another feature to create new shape
Wireframe3D model where only edges are displayed as series of lines
Workplanesdrawing surfaces for sketches

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