The Iliad book 23

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who took part in the chariot race?Eumeleus, Diomedes, Menelaus, Antilochus
which god helps one of the charioteers?Athene helps Diomedes by releasing Eumeleus' mares
who wins? who are the runner ups?Diomedes wins; Antilochus and Menelaus come very close to drawing second place, Antiloches did come second however was dishonest in conduct
why was Menelaus angry at Antilochus?Antilochus came up beside Menelaus on a narrow muddy path and nearly hits Menelaus' chariot - driving dangerously
how is an agreement reached?Antilochus agrees to give Menelaus the mares he won in second place as he took it too far and admits it
Patroclos' funeral ceramony rituals:Achilles sacrifices sheep and cattle; cuts a lock of his hair; pours jars of honey and oil; puts 4 horses on the pyre; 2 of the 9 dogs that belonged to Patroclos also on the pyre
who protects Hectors body and how?Aphrodite anoints it with ambrosial oil of roses; Apollo covers the body with a dark cloud for protection
how is the pyre put out?sparkling wine
what are Patroclos' two requests?1) that he be buried quickly 2) that his bones not be separated from Achilles and be kept till Achilles dies so they can remain together.
what does Diomedes win?Tripod with handles
how are the games in memory of Patroclos?heroes winning prizes tell their ancestors they got the prizes from Patroclos' games and therefore he gains Kleos as he is remembered for being worthy of such lavish games
who competes in the boxing match?Epeius and Euryalus
who wins the boxing?Epeius
who competes in the wrestling? what is the outcome?Odysseus and Ajax; its a tie
who competes in the foot race? how do they ensure they win?Odysseus and Ajax,Athene ensures Odysseus wins by making Ajax slip over
what games took place?Archery, Chariot race, foot race, boxing, lump throwing, combat, spear throwing

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