The Great Debaters

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What is the setting of the film? Please provide vivid details.The setting of the film is in Marshall, Texas in the year of 1935. There is a colored people's club in the woods next to a swamp. There is loud music in the club, a man and a woman singing a duet, people laughing, dancing, kissing, and having lots of fun. There is also poor colored people on the side of the roads that are in tents under the fire for their housing. There were white only benches at the bus stops. Also there was a country side where the roads were dusty and there were many farmers and cornfields.An everyone dressed up as a sharecropper. An the other side was the city side where the roads were cement and people dressed up in suits and dresses.
What are three important sentence quotes and how would you interpret them?"I am the darker brother, I to am America," "Keep the slave physically strong but psychologically weak," "Keep the body and take the mind." EXPLAIN THEM ALL!!!
How would you describe the teacher's relationship with TWO primary debaters? Provide examples.Mr. Tolson's relationship with Henry seemed to be distant. For example, in the film at practice Mr. Tolson asked about his father and Henry became defensive towards him and started to engage into a argument. But eventually their relationship rapidly grew over time. Furthermore, the relationship between Mr. Tolson and James Farmer Jr. was caring because Mr. Tolson saved James Jr.'s life during the raid of the sharecropper meeting when he could have just let him get hurt. Also when Mr. Tolson let him debate in onbe of the early debates and he did bad so Mr. Tolson had him sit with hime and watch the debates and be a researcher till he thought that he became great.
What kind of difficulties do the debaters face while training? Provide examples.Difficulties that the debaters faced are all different but are all challenges that they have to deal with. Henry has to deal with the racism that he hates so much and the hate he has for his father. Booke has to deal with the fact that she's the first girl to be on the debate team at Wiley College and has to make a good impression. Also she has to deal with the pain that Henry caused on her by cheating on her. James Farmer Jr. Has to deal with the fact that his father does not think very high of Mr. Tolson and has to put up with Henry dating Booke who he really, really likes.
How are women and female students treated in the film? Provide examples. Women and female students were treated with respect but a lower status than a man. For example, in the film Booke was the first female to come out for the debate team and the first female to make the debate team. Also in the film there were not many female in the classroom of Mr. Tolson's. Also during the debate verses Harvard at Wiley college when they were listening to it on the radio there were not many females in the room neither.
What is the most moving part of the film to you and why?The most moving part of the film to me is in the beginning of the film at the first official practice. When Mr. Tolson talks about how every teacher at Wiley College including him is there to help all the students to find, take back and keep their righteous mind.
What was life like for African-Americans during this period in history, particularly for the students, teacher and their families?Life was hard for African Americans students and teachers because colored students couldn't go to white schools and colored teachers could not teach at white schools. Also, the debaters could not compete against white colleges, so they couldn't really tell how good they were. As for their families they were not safe going anywhere, according to the movie they were still lynching Negroes.
How would you describe the personality of the debate teacher? Provide examples. Mr. Tolson's personality seems to me that he has pride in what he believes in. Also he tends to be aggressive in teaching because he wants to push his students to know the material they need to know and execute at the debates. Also he is a caring teacher because he is always concerned about his student's feelings and issues.
What are important debate techniques, according to the film? Provide examples.According to the film important debate techniques are always anticipating the opposition and it will com back to you, speak loud and clear, and knowing who the judge is.
What is the moral or lesson to the story?
The lesson of the story was for the debate team ton use their brains to make a difference in the world they lived in at the time. Mr. Tolson wanted them to find, take back, and keep their righteous mind that white people took from their ancestors long ago. He didn't want them to be like their ancestors, physically strong and psychologically weak. Mr. Tolson wanted them to make a difference by using their arguments and showing the world that black people can learn and debate just as much white people could in white colleges..

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Do you believe Julia Butterfly Hill's stance regarding her "Lessons from Nature" are overboard or are her positions on target? Why or why not?I think that her positions are all on target. Many people do not pay attention to nature for whatever reason they have. But nature does teach people many lessons if you pay close attention to it as Julia did in the story "Lessons from Nature." According to the story, "Lessons from Nature," she learned how to just deal with all the negative things in life every day by going with the flow as some trees do during storms. An she learned that the trees that try to stand straight are the ones that break and relating to life if someone tries to not deal with things in everyday life otherwise they will break their vagina.
What makes Hill's story a good narrative?What makes Hill's story a good narrative is her structure, clarity, and most of all her connections between nature and life. For example, in the story, "Lessons from Nature," she talks about how she learned something from nature then reflected it to life and I think that was a very clever approach. It also had a perfect tone and kept me as a reader quite interested to hear more.
What are a few important points concerning Latino culture in Elizabeth Martinez's story, "Be Down with the Brown!" and what are effective elements of a narrative that you spot in the piece?A few important points concerning Latino culture according to the story, "Be Down with the Brown," is the point she makes saying the governor wants more prisons, but they want more schools, the governor wants more cops, but they want more teachers. Also she says that she wants education that values not just the Hispanic culture but all the cultures. Also the point that she makes on wanting to get more teachers that has a background of Hispanic, African American, Asian, and other ethnicity. Pertaining to that she also said that in school it should be bilingual education sensitive to students' culture needs and Latino retention programs. Effective elements that I see in a narrative that I spot in this piece is a plot, a well structured point off view and the conflict that goes from the beginning of the story to the end.

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Where in the world did homo sapiens originate and when? How are all human beings connected?Homo sapiens originated in African somewhere between 50,000 and 80,000 years ago. Furthermore, all humans are connected by being connected by a scrape of cells from the inside cheek which is our DNA.
How would you explain the related DNA science and author's statement: "What if I told you every single person in America -- every single person on earth -- is African?"
What set the migrations of humans in motion?The climate change set the migrations of humans in motion.
Explain this statement of the author: "Then, around 50,000 years ago, all hell broke loose"? This statement means that around 50,000 years ago, everything got out of control, basically everything went off it's course.
How did human beings get "amazing minds"?A few small genetic mutations appeared about 50,000 years ago which gave humans amazing minds.
Explain this statement of the writer: "The world population that was spawned in Africa now has the power to save it."This statement means that the many people that just appeared in Africa now has the power to save where everyone came from because of everyone's DNA.