The get up and go test

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Section 1

Question Answer
4 instructions to give the patientGet up. Stand still momentarily. Walk forward 3m. Turn around and walk back to chair. Turn and sit down.
4 Factors to observe as patient performs "get up and go" test.Sitting balance. Transfer from sit to stand. Pace and gait stability. Turn without staggering.
Qualitative scoring:1-No fall risk. 2-Low fall risk. 3-Some fall risk. 4-High fall risk. 5-Very high fall risk.
Definition of no fall risk.Well coordinated movement, no walking aids.
Definition of low fall risk.Controlled but adjusted movements.
Definition of Some fall risk.Uncoordinated movements.
Definiton of high fall riskSupervision necessary to complete test
Definition of very high fall riskPhysical support or stand-by physical support needed to complete test

Section 2 Expected times for various ages for the get up and go test

Question Answer
Age 60-698.1" (7.1"-9.0")
Age 70-799.2" (8.2"-10.2"
Age 80-9911.3" (10.0-12.7")