The -est list in Anatomy

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Largest and deepest cranial fossaPosterior
Thickest/strongest orbital wallLateral
Farthest and deepest quadrant of tympanic membraneAntero-inferior
Smallest and most numerous lingual papillaeFiliform
Largest diploic veinOccipital diploic vein
Largest terminal branch of ophthalmic nerveFrontal nerve
Smallest terminal branch of ophthalmic nerveLacrimal nerve
Largest of the sympathetic cardiac branchesMiddle cervical cardiac branch
Largest scalenus muscleScalenus.medius
Smallest scalenus muscleScalenus posterior
Thickest intervertebral discAt lumbar region
Thinnest intervertebral discAt superior thoracic region
Largest papillary muscle of rt. VentricleAnterior papillary muscle
Rib with the largest obliquity9th rib
Shortest, broadest and most curved rib1st rib
Largest rib7th rib
Thickest and toughest of the meningesDuramater
Largest branch of vertebral arteryPICA
Largest branch of ICAMCA
Largest horn of lateral ventricleInferior horn
Largest commissure of brainCorpus callosum
Thickest part of corpus callosumSplenium
Thickest cutaneous nerveGreater occipital nerve
Largest organelle in eukaryotesEndoplasmic reticulum
Male urethra-Shortest partMembranous
Male urethra -Longest partPenile
Male urethra - widest and most dilatable partProstatic
Male urethra -Narrowest and least dilatable partUrethral orifice
Strongest ligament of the bodyIlio-femoral/Bigelow ligament
Largest peripheral parasympathetic ganglionSphenopalatine ganglion
Largest bursa of the bodySubacromial bursa
Largest jointKnee
Longest muscleSartorius
Largest branch of coeliac trunkSplenic artery
Smallest bone and muscleStapes and stapedius
Largest sesamoid bonePatella
Longest veinGSV

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