The Endocrine System

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Section 1

Question Answer
What system does the endocrine system work with?the nervous system
What do the endocrine system and nervous system do?work to coordinate and integrate activity of body cells
How does the endocrine system influence metabolic activites?via hormones transported in blood
The Endocrine system responses are ___ but longer lasting than ____ system responsesslower
What is Endocrinology?the study of hormones and endocrine organs
List the Endocrine system controls and integrates-reproduction -growth and development -maintenance of electrolyte, water and nutrient balance of blood -regulation of cellular metabolism and energy balance -mobilization of body defenses

Section 2

Question Answer
___ glands produce nonhormonal substancesexocrine glands
List two examples of exocrine glandssweat and saliva
Exocrine glands have ___ to carry secretion to membrane surfaceducts
____ glands produce hormones and ___ ductsendocrine lack
List the Endocrine Glands-pituitary -thyroid -parathyroid -adrenal -pineal glands
The Hypothalamus is a ____ organneuroendocrine
List examples of organs that have exocrine and endocrine functions-pancreas -gonads -placenta
What other tissues and organs produce hormones?-adipose cells -thymus -cells in walls of the small intestine, stomach, kidneys and heart

Section 3

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What are the three chemical messengers of the Endocrine System?Hormones, autocrines and paracrines
Hormones are ___ ___ chemical signals; they travel in ___ or ____long distance blood lymph
Autocrines are chemicals that exert effects on ___ cells that secrete themsame
Paracrines ___ acting chemicals that affect cells ___ than those that secrete themlocally other
Autocrines and Paracrines are ___ chemical messengers. They are not considered part of the ____ systemlocal endocrine