The eastern mediterranean

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Question Answer
east Mediterranean is the birthplace of....christianity, judaism, islam
the mix of _____________ and _____________ caused civil wars and boundary warsEthnicities and religion
Easter Mediterranean subregions are Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Israel and Palestinian territories
__________________ river provides water for irrigation to all SyriaEuphrates river
__________________ river is important for irrigation in all the countries of the eastern Mediterranean Jordan river
___________________ sea has access to Turkey, North Africa and the countries In western east Europe Mediterranean Sea
_________________ regions support natural vegetation, allow cropsCoastal regions
________________regions have less rainfall producing steppe and arid dessert climatesinternal regions
what does Eastern Mediterranean recently discover ?Oil
what is the most important source in agriculture?water
what is the oldest monotheistic religion?Judaism
who gave rise to christianity?A jewish teacher called Jesus
In what Peninsula ,Muhammad brought the believes in one true god religion of islam?Arabian peninsula
who began conquering and colonizing Lebanon, Syria, and Jordan?European powers
who gained independence?Jordan
why did Jewish and Arab groups armed conflict over palestine?because of religious and ethnic attachments to the area.
Who faced conflicts and civil wars over ethnic and religious diversity? Syria, Lebanon and Jordan
where does density tends to be concentrated?western coastal
what is mandatory in all eastern Mediterranean countries?Education
economy depends on _______________________agriculture
________________ connects the Red Sea to the Mediterranean Sea for converting trade, invasive species and destroying the Eastern Mediterranean reefsSuez canal
what depleted marine life?overfishing and water pollution
densely populated urban areas face air polluting produced unregulated _______________ of __________________burning, fosing fuels
Overgrazing and _________________- led to desertificationdeforestation