The Daguerreotype

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1st Step in the processA plate of silver coated copper is buffed until highly reflective
2nd: after polishing platePolished plate is treated with chemicals in the darkroom (chloride of iodine and chloride of bromine)
3rd: After darkroomPlate is placed into camera on a high shelf, cover on camera is removed for x seconds to take the photo
4th: After taking photoPlate goes back into darkroom where image is: brought out with mercury fumes, fixed in a bath of hyposulphate of soda, and washed in distilled water
5th: Final StepImage is covered by glass, and mounted in a small decorative frame

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Special Condition (location)Studio is located typically at the top of a building with a large sunroof for maximum light
Special Condition (subject)Subject sat on a posing chair, which could rotate to receive more light, and clamp the subject in position