The compound microscope table

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Question Answer
stagesupports microscope slide. has central opening that allows light to pass thru slide
clipsholds the slide in place on stage
diaphragmcontrols amount of light that reaches the object being viewed
objective lensmaginifys object, has 3 magnifications low power (4x) med power (10x) and high power (40x)
revolving nosepieceholds objective lens, rotates/allowing the objective lenses to be changed
body tubecontains eyepiece (ocular lens) support the objective lenses
eye piece (ocular lens)part you look through to view object, magnifies image of object by 10x
coarse adjustment knobmoves the body tube up or down to get the object into focus, used with low power lens only
fine adjustment knobmoves body tube to get object into focus with medium power and high power mag, is used only after object has been located centred and focused
light sourcemay be an electric light bulb or a mirror that can be angled to direct light through the object being viewed

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