The Boer War

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The Boer War (1899 - 1902)

Question Answer
why do many people in South Africa speak English?Britain had control over most of the territory during that time
who were the Boer people?descendants of the Dutch immigrants from Holland, who occupied some South African territories
what were the Boer people against?their land being taken over by England
had Canada been in a war before the Boer war?no
the majority of Canadians were of ______ ancestryBritish
who is Wilfrid Laurier?the Canadian prime minster at the time
what was the battalion that Laurier payed for to South Africa made up of?7000 volunteering soldiers and nurses
were French Canadians forced to go to war?no
when did the war between the Boer people and Britain begin?1899
Britain became the first nation in modern history to use....concentration camps (to enslave and exterminate the Boer people)
why was the Boer War important (to Canada)?important for Canada's growth as a military nation, soldiers from this war would become the military officers who would lead Canada into battle in WW1

Pre WWI Years (1914-1918)

Question Answer
Canada's assistance to Britain increased their ______ on the world stagereputation (meant that Canada would carry even more weight in the political world)
what was happening with Britain and Germany?they were predicted to have a major conflict
who did not want to partake in any war for Britain?French-Canadians

Naval Arms Race Between Germany and Britain (late 1800s)

Question Answer
why were Germany and Britain trying to build as many ships as possible?in order to take control of the world's oceans
what did the experts believe was going to happen in the ships war?believed that all of the ships from both sides would travel out into the open ocean and battle until one nation won
what were Dreadnaughts?steam powered ships that were huge, had thick armour and guns
what did Britain do to pay for all its ships?had a series of conferences with its former colonies (including Canada)
Britain made a list of _______ for how Canada would help Britain in a ___expectations, war
what did Britain demand Canada to do?Canada would supply soldiers when requested, Canada would maintain Britain's warships and loan them, send money to Britain etc
what did Canada agree to do for Britain (and wouldn't do)?Canada would form its own navy, build its own warships that could be loaned to Britain, only volunteers could serve on these ships
what was the Canadian navy called?the Royal Canadian Navy

European Alliances Before World War I

Question Answer
the Triple Alliance consisted of...Germany, Austria-Hungary, Italy
the Triple Entente consisted of...Great Britain, France, Russia
pro to alliances?if a country made an enemy, they would also gain 2 more
con to alliances?there could be no "small conflict", as if any of the major powers went to war, all their buddies would be involved

1914 - The Dominos Begin to Fall

Question Answer
what was World I supposed to be known as?the War to End All Wars
what is the generation that survived World War I called?the Lost Generation
everyone believed that the soldiers of World War I would come back by...Christmas of the first year
how long was World War I around?nearly 5 years
who is Franz Ferdinand?hier to the Austro-Hungarian throne, assassinated
what terrorist group was the assassin of Ferdinard from?The Black Hand
where was Ferdinand and his wife Sophie killed?the city of Sarajevo, in Serbia
why did Austro-Hungary wage war on Serbia?blamed their government for letting the murder happen
what did Austria-Hungary assume about Russia?that Russia would not defend Serbia against Austria-Hungary
did Russia defend Serbia?yes.
what happened after Russia mobilized its army?Germany responded by coming to the assistance of Austria-Hungary, waged war on Russia
what happened after Germany waged war on Russia to help Austria-Hungary?France was allied with Russia, so France and Germany declared war on each other
which country did Germany invade to have the easiest route to Paris?Belgium
which country (and its colonies) joined the war in defense of France and Belgium?Britain
what did Italy NOT do?did not follow their agreement to assist Germany and Austria-Hungary
when did Italy join the war and which side?1915, AGAINST its former partners
what role did the USA have in the war?sold weapons and supplies to Britain, Russia and France for the first 4 years, finally joined in the last year
how did the USA become the world's biggest economic power?selling weapons and supplies to the Triple Entente made them RICH
when did the Russian Revolution occur?1917
how did the Russian Revolution change Russia?changed Russia into a communist country and the biggest nation in the Soviet Union
who did the Russian citizens overthrow?Tsar Nicholas II