The APC+ Ubiquitin ligases

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What regulates cdh1 avtivity?Emi/Rca
What does Nedd* cause?50A shift
Who showed that SCC exists?Rieder 1995
How does BubR1 bind Cdc20KEN box mimic + through an ABBA1 box binding motid
Who published most recent APC paperChang et al 2014
What is their criticical lys residue in yeast/ humansK48+ K11- K11 = APC unique- distinguish APC substrates from other
Name 3 substrates of the APCGemanin CycB Securin
What is the evidence for Co! stimulating the APC?N terminal fusions of APC substrates to Cdh1 increases their deg in the absence of CDh1
By how much does NEBD proceed APC/ Phos pro?20 mins
What is the RING finger in APCAPC 11
How can BubR1 avoid ubuitylationCompetetive Acetlation A K site
What are the important E2's in APCUBCH10 and UBC1
How many E3s are predicted to exist>600
Where does the KEN box bindA depression on Cdh1 surface
Coactivators stimulate APC by...Enhancing it's affinity for UBCH10
Wgat percentage if the APC is catalytic15%- 85% scaffolding
how many p sites within APC80

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What is unusual abut the APC for a SCF?It's size- multimeric
How do co! influence APC?1) Promote interactions with substrate and Stimulate the catalytic reaction
How many sub units to APC20
What does APC underpin?Essential osscillations in CDK activity
How many F boxes69