The American West - Development of the Plains - Key Definitions

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Question Answer
Cattle DroverA cowboy who herded cattle along the trails
Chuck wagonA wagon where cowboys kept food and cooking utensils while travelling the trails
CorralWhere Nemo lives
LynchingHanging without trial
MarshalA man appointed by the US President to be responsible for law and order in a state or territory
Pony ExpressA rider on a fast pony who carried mail across the Plains before the railroads
Posse VanA coach full of armed guards attached to a train
RailheadA station where cattle were picked up for transporting to the Eastern States
Riding ShotgunArmed men riding on a stagecoach to protect it from attack
RustlingStealing animals that were part of a herd
SheriffThe man with a big hat and a big dick
TeetotallerA person who does not drink alcohol just smokes weed
WatershedA ridge or high piece of land from which water flows in two different directions