The 27 Amendments

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Section 1

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1Freedom of religion, press, assembly, petition
2Right to keep & bear arms
3Conditions for quartering troops in private homes
4Regulates unreasonable search & seizures, as well as warrants
5Addresses protections regarding grand jury indictment for capital crimes, double jeopardy, self-incrimination, guarantee of due process, eminent domain
6Speedy & public, tried in state of crime, informed of charges, witnesses, lawyer
7Right to a jury trial
8No excessive bails, fines, nor cruel or unusual punishment
9The rights of the people are not limited
10Powers not given directly to the national government are retained by the states or the people (unless prohibited)

Section 2

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11Restricts lawsuits against states
12Electoral college votes for one president & one vice president
13Abolishes slavery
14Guarantees rights of citizenship, due process, equal protection for all citizens
15Right to vote regardless of race, color, previous servitude
16Authorizes income tax
17Establishes direct election of senators by popular vote
19Establishes women's suffrage
20Sets term and sessions of executive and legislative branch
21Repeals prohibiton
22Limits presidents to two terms
23Allows voting rights in DC in presidential elections
24Abolishes poll taxes
25Addresses presidential succession, disability, vice-presidential vacancies
26Gives 18-year-olds the right to vote
27Addresses congressional pay

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