The 27 Amendments to the Constitution

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1st AmendmentRights for religion, speech, protest, assembly, petition and press
2nd AmendmentRight to bear arms
3rd AmendmentSoldiers cannot be quartered (housed in private homes). Right to privacy
4th AmendmentCriminal Investigation rights: exclusionary rule, search warrants, etc.
5th AmendmentRights for due process: grand jury, not incriminating yourself (remain silent), no double jeopardy, and eminent domain
6th AmendmentRights in a trial: speedy, public, habeas corpus, know charges, subpoena witnesses, and representation
7th AmendmentAllows trial by jury in common-law/civil law cases in federal courts
8th AmendmentNo excessive bails or "cruel and unusual punishment"
9th AmendmentRights not stated here are not necessarily denied
10th AmendmentPowers not denied to states or given to the federal government is for states to decide upon, so long as they don't contradict the Constitution or federal government

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11th AmendmentStates may not be sued in federal court by people from different states/countries unless they allow themselves to be
12th AmendmentElectors must cast one vote for president and one vote for vice-president (in the past, the person with the second highest number of votes was the vice president)

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13th AmendmentSlavery is illegal (unless it is punishment for a crime)
14th AmendmentDue process is for everyone. This sort of applied the Bill of Rights to state laws (selective incorporation)
15th AmendmentEvery male American citizen (regardless of race) is allowed to vote

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16th AmendmentCongress has the power to tax income
17th AmendmentSenators are now elected by the people, not state legislatures
18th AmendmentAlcohol cannot be made, sold, or transported (Prohibition)
19th AmendmentGave voting rights to all American women

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20th AmendmentThe new president now assumes his office on January 20th. Presidential succession (if the commander in chief dies)
21st AmendmentAlcohol is now legal (goodbye Prohibition)
22nd AmendmentPresidents are limited to 2 terms
23rd AmendmentWashington D.C. now counts in the electoral vote
24th AmendmentPoll taxes are not acceptable
25th AmendmentVice presidents can temporarily be president and they are appointed by whoever is president
26th AmendmentVoting Age is 18
27th AmendmentIf Congress gives itself more money, it will not receive the $ until after the next election

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