Thalamic Nuclei

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Question Answer
VPL inputLateral spinothalamic tract and medial lemniscus
VPL infopain and temp, pressure, touch, vibration, proprioception (non-facial somatosensation)
VPL destinationsomatosensory cortex (post-central gyrus)
VPM inputMedial lemniscus, dorsal trigeminal tract, ventral trigeminal tract, mesencephalic tract
VPM infofacial somatosensation
VPM destinationsomatosensory cortex (post-central gyrus)
LGN inputCN II (optic tract)
LGN infovision
LGN destinationoccipital lobe
MGN inputinferior colliculus of tectum
MGN infohearing
MGN destinationtemporal lobe
Ventrolateral inputcerebellum, basal ganglia
Ventrolateral infomuscle control
Ventrolateral destinationmotor cortex (pre-central gyrus)
Ventroanterior inputcerebellum, basal ganglia
Ventroanterior infomuscle control
Ventroanterior destinationmotor cortex (pre-central gyrus)
Anterior nuclei inputlimbic system (hippocampus, amygdala)
Anterior nuclei infoemotion/ short-term memory
Anterior nuclei outputcingulate gyrus
Medial dorsal inputfrontal lobe
Medial dorsal infopersonality, executive function
Medial dorsal outputfrontal lobe
pulvinar infovisual association
pulvinar inputsuperior colliculus
pulvinar outputparietal lobe
reticular nucleus infothalamic inhibition
reticular nucleus inputcortex and thalamus
reticular nucleus outputthalamus

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