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NutrireNursing came from this greek word
To suckle or nourishWhat does the greek word of nursing mean?
Florence Nightingale (1860)Made the environmental theory
Florence Nightingale (1860)Said that nursing is the act of utilizing the environment of the patient to assist him in his recover"
Florence Nightingale (1860)"Says that the nursing aims to put patient in best condition for nature to act upon him"
Florence Nightingale (1860)First nursing theorist
1) Pure or fresh air, 2) Pure water, 3) Efficient drainage, 4) Cleanliness, 5) Light5 components of a healthy environment
Florence Nightingale (1860)Says that nursing, " is provision of quiet or noise free and warm environment, attending to patient's dietary needs by assessment, documentation time of food intake and evaluating its effects on patient."
Virginia Henderson (1966)Says that, "The unique function of the nurse is to assist the individual, sick or well, in the performance of those activities contributing to health or its recovery (or to peaceful death) that he would perform unaided if he had the necessary strength, will or knowledge. And to do this in such a way as to help him gain independence as rapidly as possible”
1) Strength, 2) Knowledge, 3) WillCLIENTS would PERFORM
American Nurses Association (2003)Says that, "Nursing is the protection, promotion and optimization of health and abilities, prevention of illness and injury, alleviation of suffering through diagnosis ad treatment of human response and advocacy in the care of individuals, families, communities and populations"
Wilkinson (2007)Says that, "Nursing is the blend of art and science applied within the context of interpersonal relationships"
Nursing is concerned with the health maintenance and promotion restoration of health
Nursing profession exists becauseNursing profession exists in response to a need of society and holds ideas related to human health through life span
Care ProviderDirect care; Mothering Actions
CommunicatorGather info about patient and communicate clearly
CounselorProvide emotional help
TeacherProvide info & help client learn knowledge
Change agentChange lifestyle of patient for the better
LeaderInfluence others to work to accomplish a goal
ManagerManage & supervise other nursing staff
ResearcherUtilize research to improve client care
Client advocatePromote what is best for client; support patient's decision
(1) Promote health, (2) Prevent illness, (3) Restore health & (4) Alleviate suffering4 functions of NURSING


Question Answer
ANCIENT CIVILIZATIONillnesses were blamed on the spirit world
PUMMELINGA form of massage and to expose the person to strong odors and smoke
THE EAST (HINDUS)The early nurses were primarily men
THE EAST (HINDUS)Nursing was viewed as a sacred service
(1) Knowledge of drug preparation. (2) cleverness, (3) Devotion to patients, (4) Purity of body and mind4 qualifications of a nurse
CHINAHas Yin Yang
Yin Yangbalance of energy
CHINAHealth as a balance
CHINAperform dissection, acupuncture and prescribed herbal therapies for as early as 2000BC
CHINAPractice BLOODLETTING to drive out evil spirits
EGYPTdying persons were placed on streets so passerby could give advice
(1) Theurgic magical cure & (2) Natural cures2 branches in EGYPT
BABYLONIAInterest in Astrology
BABYLONIAIllness was punishment for sinning against gods
BABYLONIAHAMMURABI CODE where surgeon may have his arms amputated if he performs unsuccessful surgery
BABYLONIAsliding scale of fees
ASSYRIAbelieved in goo and evil spirits for human conditions
ASSYRIApractices centers in sacred rites for evil spirits or severe punishment for sins
(1) One using knife, (2) Exorcism & Incantations, (3) Using plants3 types of Physicians in PERSIA
PALESTINEresorted to natural cures and rejected magical therapies
PALESTINEfood inspection, tree preservation, infectious quarantine, fumigation
PALESTINEvisiting sick as an act of charity
GREECEgods were responsible for medical needs
GREECEHospitality is a sacred obligation
GREECETerminally ill were left on streets to die
Xendochionhoused the sick, poor and stranger (GREECE)
Iontrionsfor surgery and dispensaries (GREECE)
Abatontemple housed the sick (GREECE)
HIPOCRATESoutlined the role of physicians
HIPOCRATESset standards for bathing & bandaging
ROMANLost health could be restored when god will and peace to the god (Appolo)
ROMANbuilt health public infrastructure (sewage, cemeteries, etc)
ROMANreserve best medical and nursing care for soldiers
ROMANslave played a role in advancement of knowledge
GERMANYhighly regarded women
GERMANYposses great knowledge and skill in medicine and surgery
NORTHERN EUROPEhas white magic & black magic
White Magicmedicinal plants with remedial qualities
Black Magicuse magic as a healing method


Question Answer
Nursingwas "untaught" and instinctive
Nursing careout of compassion, desire to help, out of a wish to do well
(1) Intuitive Nursing/Medieval Period, (2) Apprentice Nursing, (3) Educated/ Nightingale Era 19th-20th Century, (4) Contemporary Nursing4 periods of nursing
(1) Panting, (2) Breaking, (3) Drying & (4) Nursing4 Stages of Labor in "A Nurse by instinct"
(Period of) Intuitive NursingPerformed of compassion for others, to help others
(Period of) Intuitive NursingNursing at this period was a function that belonged to women
(Period of) Intuitive NursingNursing was based on experience and observation
White magic, Hypnosis, Charms, dances, incantations, purgatives, Massage, fire, water, herbsIs what nurses used during the Period of Intuitive Nursing
(Period of) Intuitive NursingUsed Trephining
TrephiningDrilling hole in skull to drive evil spirits
The Reformation / Early Christian EraDispersion of Religious Orders which led to the serious deterioration in nursing care
The Reformation / Early Christian EraWomen were viewed as subordinate to men
The Reformation / Early Christian EraDelayed improvement and advancement of nursing care
The Renaissance (1400-1600)Nursing profession need to advance but delayed because of poverty
Period of Apprentice Nursing / Middle AgesCare was done by crusaders, prisoners, religious orders
Period of Apprentice Nursing / Middle AgesOn the Job Training was developed by the religious orders
Period of Apprentice Nursing / Middle AgesNursing went down to the lowest level
Period of Apprentice Nursing / Middle Ageswrath/anger of Protestantism confiscated properties of hospitals and schools connected with Roman Catholicism.
Period of Apprentice Nursing / Middle AgesWomen were not allowed to get education
Period of Apprentice Nursing / Middle AgesNurses fled their lives because of the war; soon there was shortage of people to care for the sick
Period of Apprentice Nursing / Middle AgesHundreds of Hospitals closed, there was no provision for the sick, no one to care for the sick
Period of Apprentice Nursing / Middle AgesNursing became the work of the least desirable of women – prostitutes, alcoholics, prisoners
Period of Apprentice Nursing / Middle AgesDark period of nursing
Period of Apprentice Nursing / Middle AgesThere were only few qualified nurses
Sarah GampA cruel and alcoholic nurse from Charles Dickens book
Period of Apprentice Nursing / Middle AgesPastor Theodore Fliedner and his wife Federica MUnster Fliedner established the Keiserwerth Institute Nurse Training school in Germany.
Keiserwerth Institute Nurse Training schoolFirst organized training school for nurses
John Howard, Mother Alkenhand, Pastor Theodore & Federica Munster Fliedner3 leaders who sought to bring about reform
John HowardPrison reform
Mother Alken handEstablished the Irish sisters of Charity to bring back into nursing the dedication of early Christian era
Period of Educated Nursing/Nightingale Era 19th-20th centuryThe development of nursing during this period was strongly influenced by (1) wars – Crimean, civil war, (2) Arousal of social consciousness, (3) Increased educational opportunities offered to women
(1) wars – Crimean, civil war, (2) Arousal of social consciousness, (3) Increased educational opportunities offered to womenThree factors that influenced nursing during the Nightingale era
Period of Educated Nursing/Nightingale Era 19th-20th centuryFlorence Nightingale recruited many nurses as requested by Sir Sidney Herbert (British War department) to provide care for sick and wounded soldier
Sir Sidney HerbertPerson who asked Florence Nightingale to recruit nurses to provide care for the sick and injured during the Crimean War
Period of Educated Nursing/Nightingale Era 19th-20th centuryThe Nightingale Training School of Nurses opened at St. Thomas Hospital in London
Period of Educated Nursing/Nightingale Era 19th-20th centuryNightingale's training school served as the model for other training schools
The Nightingale Training School of NursesIt was the 1st school of nursing that provided both theory-based knowledge and clinical skill building
Period of Contemporary NursingLicensure or nurses started
Period of Contemporary NursingOpted EBP or Evidence Based Practice where everything nurses do is backed up with science
Period of Contemporary NursingNursing as a science and no longer by instinct
Period of Contemporary NursingSpecialization of Hospital and diagnosis
Period of Contemporary NursingTraining of Nurses in diploma and baccalaureate advance degree program
Period of Contemporary NursingScientific and technological development as well as social changes mark this period.
Period of Contemporary Nursing"Most seek profession"
(1) Health is perceived as a fundamental human right, (2) Nursing involvement in community health, (3) Technological advances, (4) Expanded roles of nurses was developed, (5) WHO was established by the United Nations, (6) Aerospace Nursing was developed, (7) Use of atomic energies for medical diagnosis, treatment, (8) Computers were utilized-data collection, teaching, diagnosis, inventory, payrolls, record keeping, billing., (9) Use of sophisticated equipment for diagnosis and therapy9 advancements of nursing in the contemporary period
(1) Economics, (2) Consumer demand, (3) Changing Family structure, (4) Nursing Shortage, (5) Science and technology, (6) Communication, (7) Legislation, (8) Demography, (9) Nursing Association, (10) The feminist10 factors that influence Contemporary Nursing
MarcelaPerson who care for the sick and teach
MarcelaFirst nurse educator
PaulaBuilt hospitals
FabiolaCare for sick; Established first Public hospital in Rome
Fabiola"Matron Saint of nursing"

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