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May 12, 1820When was Florence Nightingale born
Independence of thought & actionWhat did Nightingale exhibit from an early age?
Born in Florence Italy, raised in LondonWhere Florence Nightingale live
ParthenopeNightingale's sister
William Edward Shore NightingaleFather of Nightingale
France Fanny SmithMother of Nightingale
Embley ParkNightingale home
Lea HurstNightingale summer home
Plato in their original workNightingale read ___________
Religious and PhilosophicalNightingale pursued _____ & _____ studies
Leading scientist & educatorsNightingale frequently interacted
Calling from God to serve human kindOn Feb 17, 1837, Nightingale experienced this
Feb 17, 1837When did Nightingale experience a calling from God to serve human kind
1851Year when Nightingale attended nursing programs in Kaiserwerth, Germany
1853She worked as nursing superintendent at the institution for Care of Sick Gentlewoman in Distressed
(1) Observation of Sanitary Facilities, (2) Observation of Social Problems(2) What did Nightingale compile in her notes when she visited hospitals
Oct. 21 1854date when Nightingale lead 38 nurses that took care of wounded during the Crimean War
(1) Notes on Nursing & (2) Notes on HospitalTwo books published by Nightingale
48% to 2% in approximately 2 years Casualties that were reduced during the reign of Nightingale
1856returned home after Crimean War
1000How many notes in nursing
15-20,000letters to her friends
August 13, 1910The day where Nightingale died
Westminster AbbeyPlace where Nightingale was offered burial
St. Margaret ChurchWhere Nightingale's burial happened
(1) First Nurse researcher, (2) Royal Red Cross, (3) Order of Merit (first woman)Awards of Nightingale
Founder of Modern NursingFlorence Nightingale is considered the founder of _______ _________
NightingaleFirst great nurse of the world
The inter-relationship of healthful environment with nursingConcept of Environmental Theory
(1) Nursing is separate from medicine, (2) Nurses should be trained, (3) The environment are important to health of the person, (4) The disease process is not important to nursing, (5) Research should be utilized5 Nightingale's Assumptions
If you cannot get the habit of observation, give upQuote of Nightingale
(1) Multidimensional, (2) composed of biological components, (3) Psychological components, (4) Social component, (5) Spiritual components5 major premises of Environmental theory
(1) Human/Individual, (2) Society/environment, (3) Health/disease & (4) NursingEnvironmental Concepts
Health nursingare those activities that promote health which occur in any care giving situation. They can be done by anyone
Physical factorsNightingale focused on this factors
Environment could be altered to improve conditionsNightingale believed _____________ so that natural laws would allow healing to occur
Nursing Proper/Sick nursingReserved for those individuals educated in the art and the science of nursing
Nurses help patient retain their own vitality by meeting their basic needs though control of environmentNursing Concept of Environmental THeory
Filth, inadequate nutrition, dirty water and inappropriate sewage disposalIn her crimean experience, _________ led to a situation in which more British soldiers died in the hospital than of battlefield wounds
Place the patient in the best possible condition for nature to act upon it Goal of nursing
Science & ArtNursing is both _____ and ____
(1) Observation & Experience, (2) Statistical Data, (3) Knowledge of sanitation, (4) Nutrition, & (5) Administrative SkillsNursing activities were to be based not only on compassion but also on (5) ______________
To be able to use wellHealth is not only to be well but _________
(1) Maintenance of Health, (2) Prevention of infection & injury, (3) Recovery from illness, (4) Health teaching, (5) Environmental control5 Nursing activities include
Person conceptsHas the ability and responsibility to alter rather than conform to the existing condition
(1) Physical component, (2) Intellectual component, (3) Emotional concept, (4) Spiritual concept4 components of person concepts
Person conceptsAre innately good of progressing toward perfection through hard work and knowledge of God's law
Person conceptsHelping a person to become physically healthy was tantamount to bringing them closer to God
Health conceptsis experienced as part of the person's path toward spiritual fulfillment
Health conceptsinnate process and is the combined result of environmental, physical and psychological factors
(1) Environmental factor, (2) physical factor, (3) psychological factorHealth concepts are the combined (3) _______ factors
Health conceptsBeing able to use well every power we have to use
Health conceptsCould be augmented through education and the improvement of unsanitary conditions
Absence of comfortDisease is accurately portrayed as __________
Reparative processthe body's attempt to correct some problem
High level wellnessNightingale's concern for health extended beyond the hospital the hospital to setting goals for ___________ in the community and for the spiritual achievement of the nurse
EnvironmentIn Nightingale's model, this refers to those physical elements external to the patient that affect the healing process and health
EnvironmentNursing's concern is with the person in the environment
Nurseremains responsible for altering the environment to improve it for the benefit of the client
Health & HouseCheck surrounding environment for fresh air, pure water, drainage, cleanliness and light
Health & HouseRemove garbage stagnant water and ensure clean water and fresh air
LightCheck room adequate light; sunlight is beneficial to patient
LightCreate and implement adequate light in the room without placing the patient in direct light
CleanlinessCheck room for dust, dampness and dirt
CleanlinessKeep room dust free from dirt and dampness
NoiseCheck noise level in the room and surroundings
NoiseAttempt to keep noise
Bed MakingCheck bed and bedding for dampness, wrinkles and soiling
Bed MakingKeep the bed dry wrinkled free and lowest
Bed MakingAttempt to keep the patient dry and clean at all times
Bed MakingFrequent assessment of the patient's skin is essential to maintain skin integrity
VarietyAttempt to accomplish _______ in the room and with the client
VarietyThis is done with cards, flowers, pictures and books, Also encourage friends or relatives
Psychosocial Needsare addressed by an emphasis on the importance of variety and her view that recovery is enhanced by the effect of beautiful, colorful objects
Chattering hopes & AdviceAvoid talking without giving advice that is without fact
Chattering hopes & AdviceRespect the patient as a person and avoid personal personal talk
Taking foodCheck the diet of the patient.
Taking foodNote the amount of food and fluid ingested by the patient 1 every meal
Petty ManagementThis is to ensure continuity of care
Petty ManagementDocument a plan of care and evaluate outcomes to ensure continuity
Observation of the sickObserve and record anything about the patient
Observation of the sickContinue observation in the patient's environment and make changes in the plan of care if needed


Question Answer
November 30, 1897Birthday of Virginia Henderson
Kansas City, MissouriPlace of birth of Virginia Henderson
Daniel Brosius HendersonFather of Virginia Henderson
William Richardson AbbotGrandfather of Virginia Henderson
Lucy Minor AbbotMother of Virginia Henderson
1921Year when Henderson's public health nursing care started
Henry Street Settlement in Manhattan, New YorkPlace where Henderson's public health nursing care started
1921 to 1923Years when Henderson worked for the Visiting Nurse Association of Washington DC
1924 to 1926Year when Henderson worked full time nursing instructor
Norfolk Presybyterian HospitalHospital where Henderson worked full time nursing instructor
1953Year of research associate in Yale University
1971Year of emeritus status in Yale University
1996Year when Henderson stopped in Yale University
Textbook of Principles and Practices of NursingBook that Henderson authored of the 1939 revision
Nursing Studies Indexa twelve year project Henderson directed, covered the first sixty years of nursing research
Nursing Research: A Survey and AssessmentImportant publication of Henderson written with Leo Simmons
From studying nurses to studying differences that nurses can make in people's livesHenderson's work is credited with the shifting focus of nursing research
Nurse's obligationsWhat did Henderson always tell the patients instead of Doctor's obligations?
Christiane Reimann Prize in 1955The International Council of Nurse presented Henderson this award
Christiane Reimann Prizeconsidered the most prestigious award in nursing
United Kingdom's Royal College of Nursing (FRCN)Henderson was an honorary fellow of this college
1985Year when she received Virginia Historical Nurse Leadership Award
Virgina Henderson RepositoryAn online resource for nursing research that grew out of Henderson International Nursing Library at Sigma Theta Tau
Virginia Hendersonrecognized as one of the 51 pioneer nurses in Virginia 2000
1996Year when Henderson died
(1) Nurses care for patient until patient can care for themselves, & (2) Nurses are willing to serve and that nurses will devote themselves to patient day & night2 major assumptions of Henderson
(1) Breath Normally, (2) Eat & Drink Adequately, (3) Eliminate Body Wastes, (4) Move and Maintain desirable posture, (5) Sleep & rest, (6) Select suitable clothes, (7) Maintain normal body temperature, (8) Keep body clean and well groomed, (9) Avoid dangers in environment, (10) Communicate with other, (11) Worship according to faith, (12) Work where there is sense of accomplishment, (13) Participate in recreation, (14) Satisfy curiosity that leads to development 14 components of Henderson Theory
Person - HendersonHave basic needs that are component of health
Person - HendersonRequiring assistance to achieve health and independence of a peaceful death
Person - HendersonMind and body are inseparable and interrelated
Person - Hendersonconsiders biological, psychological, sociological and spiritual components
Person - HendersonThe theory needs the patient as a sum of parts with biopsychosocial needs
Environment - HendersonSettings in which an individual learns unique pattern for living
Environment - HendersonAll external conditions and influences that affect life and development
Environment - HendersonIndividuals in relation to family
Environment - HendersonMinimally discusses the impact of community on the individual and family
Health - HendersonDefinition based on individual's ability to function independently as outline i 14 components
Health - HendersonNurses need to stress promotion of health and prevention and cure of disease
Nursing - HendersonTemporarily assisting individual who lacks the necessary strength, will and knowledge to satisfy 1 or more of 14 basic needs
Nursing - HendersonAssists nursing in life activities and attainment of independence
Complete, Whole or IndependentNurse serves to make patient ________
To get in patient's ski and supplement strength, knowledge and will according to needsIn nature of nursing, nursing role is _____________

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