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12. Repeat each day until all sections have been learnt. Every time you start step 4, always write out everything you have learnt so far. By the end, you should be eating, sleeping and breathing your controlled assessment, just because you are so well prepared for it.
13. Finally, use your 40 precious words on your ‘cheat sheet’ wisely.
Choose your favourite out of the following:
a) Write down sentence starters for each section that ‘trigger’ your brain.
b) Write down minimal words for the first 3 sections of the assessment because you have gone over these a lot more so they are more engrained in your brain. Save your words for the second section, especially the last paragraph, as this is your least practised part.
c) You can mirror where the words appear on your already written out sheet if this helps.
14. By the way, you will also have a dictionary when writing out your controlled assessment for real. DON’T try to write whole sentences using the dictionary. Use the dictionary at the end, to check SPELLINGS and ACCENTS.
15. Now, stop wasting your time reading this and proceed directly to step 4.