Texas Penal Code 09-10

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Offenses Against the Family

Question Answer
BigamyMultiple Marriages
Prohibited Sexual ConductSex with step child
Advertising for Placement of ChildGreensheet add for illegal adoption
Harboring a runawayChild is younger than 18 and you know they're a runaway
Sale or Purchase of ChildIllegal adoption
Continuous Violence against the FamilyAssault a household member, 2 or more times within a 12 month period
Interference with Child CustodyNoncustodial parent running away with the child
Agreement to Abduct from Custodygettin paid to nab a child from a custodial gaurdian
Enticing a ChildPersuading a child to leave the custodial parent

Property Damage

Question Answer
ArsonSetting fire(explosion) to something that destroys or damages structures
Criminal MischiefIntentionally damaging property
Reckless Damage or DestructionRecklessly damage property
GraffitiMarkings, slogans, drawings, etc.. on property

Value Ladder for property

Question Answer
MC<$100 or substantial inconvenience to others
MB$100 - $749
MA$749 - $2,499 or causes interruption of public services
SJF$2,500 - $29,999, <$2,500 if loss of property via arson or was a livestock fence; Damage to church or school
F3$30,000 - $149,999
F2$150,000 - $299,999
F1$300,000 +

Theft, Burglary, and the like

Question Answer
TheftStealing property with intent to deprive owner of said property
BurglaryEntering a habitation with intent to commit a felony, theft or assault
RobberyTheft + Assault (with intent to maintain control of stolen property)
Aggravated RobberyRobbery + SBI, using/exhibiting deadly weapon, or causing BI or threating BI/death to elderly/disabled
Burglary of Coin-Operated or Coin Collection MachinesStealing the coins from a payphone
Burglary of VehiclesStealing from a car
Criminal TresspassEntering or remaining on property after notice to leave
Theft of ServiceStealing cable, not returning rental equipment, etc.
Theft of Trade SecretsStealing KFC's original recipe
Unauthorized use of a VehicleGrand Theft Auto
Tampering with Identification NumbersScratching out the VIN# on a car (or replacing)
Possession, manufacture, or distribution of Certain Instruments used to Commit Retail TheftFoil Lined Purse
Organized Retail TheftMultiple people involved with shoplifting

Offenses Against the Persons

Question Answer
MurderIntentionally or Knowingly causes the death of another
Capital MurderCommits Murder against a Peace Officer or Fireman; child under 6; Murder for hire
ManslaughterRecklessly causes the death of another
Criminally Negligent HomicideCauses the death of another via criminal negligence
Aiding Suicidepromotes or assists in a suicide
Terroristic ThreatThreatens SBI, causes reaction from emergency personnel, etc
Deadly ConductReckless conduct that places another in danger of SBI; Firing a gun in the direction of a habitation (or crowd)
AssaultIntentionally, Knowingly, or Recklessly causes BI to another; Threatens another with BI; Offensive Physical Contact (shove)
Aggravated AssaultAssault + SBI or use/exhibits a deadly weapon during the assault
Sexual AssaultPerforming sexual acts on another without consent; minor is 17 (3yr rule)
Aggravated Sexual AssaultSexual Assault + SBI or threatening fear of death/SBI or gang related or uses date rape drugs
KidnappingIntentionally or Knowingly abducting another person
Aggravated KidnappingKidnapping for ransom, human shield/hostage, uses/exhibits a deadly weapon during the kidnapping
Unlawful RestraintIntentionally or Knowingly restrains another
Unlawful TransportGetting paid to stick someone in the dash of your car to conceal them during transport
Trafficking of PersonsHuman trafficking, transporting a person for forced labor
Public LewdnessSex in public
Indecent ExposureShowin your nutsack, with intent to arouse, to people that could get offended

Bastards and Children

Question Answer
Indecency with a ChildSexual contact with a child, (touching or showing/looking) minor is under 17 (3yr rule)
Injury to a Child, Elderly, or DisabledCausing BI, SBI, or brain damage to child, elderly, or disabled
Abandoning or Endangering Childabandoning a child(under 15) in situations that pose unreasonable risk of harm; unnecessary risk of death, BI or physical/mental impairment
Leaving a Child in a VehicleLeaving a child (under 7, not attented by 14+ yr old) in a vehicle for more than 5 minutes


Question Answer
Forgerycreate a fake writing
Criminal Simulationfake purses
Issuance of Bad CheckHot Check
Deceptive Business PracticesFake sales contests, false ads, purposely mislabeling items
Rigging Publicly Exhibited ContestJuicin the horse, taking a fall, etc.
Illegal Recruitment of an Athletepaying a college ball player to come to your college
Simulating Legal ProcessFake court papers
Fraudulent Use or Possession of Identifying InformationStandard ID theft

Computational Criminals

Question Answer
Breach of Computer SecurityHacking
Online Solicitation of a MinorTrying to set up a sexy time meeting with a minor (under 17) via the internets
Online HarassmentPretending to be someone else online
Money LaunderingMaking dirty money clean
Insurance FraudIntentionally deceiving an insurer (material facts)
Medicaid FraudKnowingly deceiving medicaid (material facts)

Golden Lies

Question Answer
Briberyintentionally or knowing offering or receiving a bribe
Coercion of a Public Servant or VoterBribin a voter or Public servant in power (not law)
Tampering with WitnessTrying to influence a witness with benefits
Obstruction or RetaliationHarming or Threatening to harm another because of their service or status (public servant, witness, juror, snitch, etc)
PerjuryLying under oath
Aggravated PerjuryLying during an official proceeding
False Report to Peace Officer or LE employeeknowingly lying about a criminal investigation to peace officer or LE Employee
False Report Regarding Missing Child or PersonKnowingly lying about a missing child or person
Tampering with or Fabricating Physical EvidenceEatin the drugs (if you can recover them), knowingly producing false evidence
Impersonating Public ServantPretending to be a Public Servant and attempts to exercise their powers
False Identification as Peace Officer; Misrepresentation of PropertyDressing up like a real copper

Problems with Authority

Question Answer
Failure to IdentifyIntentionally refusing to ID upon arrest, giving false ID upon temporary detention
Resisting Arrest, Search or TransportationObstructing arrest, search, transportation via force against the peace officer
Evading Arrest or DetentionFleeing
Hindering Apprehension or Prosecutionsomeone who hinders the arrest of another (harboring, aiding, warning)
EscapeEscapes from custody. . .
Permitting or Facilitating EscapeCorrectional Employee knowingly allows or facilitates an escape from custody
Implements for Escapegood ol hacksaw in the cake
Bail Jumping and Failure to AppearWhen one doesn't appear in court after being lawfully released from custody or on a promise to appear
Unauthorized Practice of LawBeing someones lawyer when you're not really a lawyer.
Hindering Proceedings by Disorderly Conductintentionally hinders an official proceeding by noise, violence, tumultuous behavior, or disturbance
Taking a weapon from a Peace Officer...forcefully taking or attempting to take a weapon from a Peace Officer
Interference with Public DutiesStopping a cop/fireman/EMS from being a cop/fireman/EMS; interfering with a K-9 unit; interfering with radio traffic
Interference with Police Service AnimalsDistracting K-9 units, interfering with handlers
Failure to Stop or Report Aggravated Sexual Assault of ChildNot stopping or reporting Aggravated Sexual Assault of a Child
Failure to Report FelonyNot reporting a homicide or Aggravated Assault

Abuse of Office

Question Answer
Abuse of Official Capacitymisusing govt property, services, personnel, etc.
Official OppressionUsing your power (color of law) to get what you want
Misuse of Official InformationUsing information, not yet public, for benefit

There is chaos abound

Question Answer
Disorderly ConductOffensive Language, Gestures, stick bombs, noise pollution (85 dbs), fighting, displaying/discharging a firearm
RiotRioting... 7 or more persons
Funeral Service DisruptionPicketing (protesting) within 1,000ft 1hr before/after a funeral
False Alarm or ReportBomb threat a school
Interference with Emergency Telephone Callpreventing someone from making a 911 call, in any fashion
Silent or Abusive Calls to 911 Servicebeing mean to the operator
HarassmentAnnoy, harass, abuse, torment, or embarrass another via telephone, email, writing
Abuse of a CorpseAbuse... of... a Corpse
Cruelty to Livestock AnimalsBeing cruel to Livestock
Attack on Assistance Animalintentionally, knowingly, or recklessly attacking, injuring, or killing an assistance animal
Cruelty to Nonlivestock Animalscruelty to animals
Dog Fightingfighting dogs
ProstitutionAgreeing/offering to have sex for a fee
Promotion of ProstitutionPimpin a single Prostitute
Aggravated Promotion of ProstitutionBig Pimpin (multiple Prostitutes)
Compelling ProstitutionPimpin by force, or Pimpin a minor (under 18)
Sexual Performance by a ChildEmploy, Authorize, or inducing a child (under 18) to engage in sexual conduct
Possession or Promotion of Child Pornographypossessing videos or images of children (under 18) engaging in sexual conduct


Question Answer
Unlawful Carrying WeaponsCarrying a weapon in a car in plain view, in a bar, on a premises that isn't in your control
Unlawful Possession of FirearmFelons with guns
Unlawful Transfer of Certain WeaponsGiving someone a handgun knowing they're up to no good, giving a child (under 18) a weapon, selling a firearm or ammo to a felon/drunk
Making a firearm accessible to a childmaking a loaded firearm readily available to a child
Firearm SmugglingTransporting or Transferring illegal (or illegally acquired) firearms
Smoking TobaccoSmoking where it's illegal: school, elevator, bus, hospital, museum, or library
Public IntoxicationDrunk in public AND may be a danger to themselves or others
Possession of Alcoholic Beverage in Motor VehicleOpen Container
Driving While IntoxicatedDrunk Driving
DWI with Child PassengerDWI with a child
Flying While IntoxicatedOperating an aircraft while drunk
Boating While IntoxicatedOperating a watercraft while drunk


Question Answer
GamblingBetting for money
Gambling PromotionParticipates in bookmaking or the sale of bets
Keeping a Gambling PlaceKnowingly allowing someone to setup a gambling place on your premises

General Punishments

Question Answer
Misdemeanor CFine up to $500
Misdemeanor BFine up to $2k and/or up to 180 days in jail
Misdemeanor AFine up to $4k and/or up to 1 year in jail
State Jail FelonyFine up to $10k and/or 180 days up to 2 yrs in prison
Felony 3up to $10k and/or 2-10yrs in prison
Felony 2up to $10k and/or 2-20yrs in prison
Felony 1up to $10k and/or Life or 5-99yrs in prison
Capitol FelonyLife without parole or Death (no death under 18)