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Question Answer
BacteriocidalF, static
Inhibit bacterial protein synthesis by binding to the 50s subunit of the bacterial ribosomeF, 30S
Inhibits production of neutrophil chemoattractants by P acnesT
Inhibit granuloma formation due to protein kinase S inhibitionF, C
Inhibit MMPT
Have ROS scavenger effectT
Minocycline is more phytotoxic than doxycyclineF, doxy > TCN > mino
Demeclocycline is the least phototoxicF, most
All TCN's can induce nephrogenic diabetes inspidiusF, only demeclocycline
Minocycline can be used in SIADHF, demeclocycline
Doxycycline is intermediate actingF, long acting
Active against only GP bacteriaF, also GN, incl Mycoplasma, ricketssia, chlamydia, spirochetes, parasites. GP>GN
Minocycline is more effective than TCN for USSTIT, as is doxycycline
P acnes resistance is highest with minocyclineF, TCN, in 25%
Ribosomal protection and drug efflux are major TCN resistance mechanismsT
Doxycycline >/= 50/day are submicrobialF
Modified release formulations are appropriate for antimicrobial useF, IR only
Hydrophilic don't cross BBBF
High concentration in plasma cf skin/nailsF
Minocycline > doxycycline > TCN (lipophilicity)T
Doxycycline is approx 50 times higher in the skin than plasmaF, 5 times. Minocycline is 47&
Most TCN's are best absorbed fastingT. Doxycycline and mine are well absorbed regardless (only slight reduction in absorption)
Metallic ions incl dairy products can reduce GI absorptionT
Iron reduces minocycline absorption T
GI effects and pill esophagitis are worst with doxycyclineT
Renal failure prolongs half life of all TCN'sF, prolongs half life of most, except for Doxycycline which is excreted primarily by the GIT
Doxycycline is excreted by the GITT
Doxycycline is okay for use in renal failureT
Doxycycline is okay for use in liver failureF
Acute vestibule side effects are worse with minocycline IRT
Thin women are more likely to have AVSE in the first few dosesT
BIH is dose dependentF, idiopathic
Photosensitivity is dose dependentT
Hyperpigmentation occurs most commonly with minoycclineT
Cat BF, D
C/I in 1st trimesterF, 2nd and 3rd
Drug induced lupus, autoimmune hepatitis, vasculitis are all seen in minocycline > othersT
Can potentiate the effect of warfarin, lithium, theophylline, digoxin, Mtx, insulinT
GORD and hiatus hernia are risk factors for pill oesophagitisF, GORD is not, hiatus hernia is
Pill esophagitis tends to occur after 4-6 weeks of therapyF, within the first few days
Serum sickness like reactions are seen in doxycyclineF, minocycline
Serum sickness reactions are seen in the first 4 weeks of therapyF, 1-2 months
Risk factors for serum sickness like reactions includes HIV, and black African ethnicityT

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