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Section 1

Question Answer
Bernstein's testGERD
Froment's SignUlnar nerve palsy
Plocquet's testWt of lung/wt of body
Cavett's testBlood alcohol level
Breslau's 2nd life testAir in GIT
O sullivan's test1hr GCT in pregnancy
Sniff testDiaphragmatic palsy
Weil Felix testRickettsial Agglutination test
Mallein testBurkholderia Mallei
Beevor's signMovt of umbilicus towards neck on flexion

Section 2

Question Answer
Greisinger's signLateral sinus thrombosis
Toby Ayre's testCompress IJV, rise in CSF
Crow beck's testCompress IJV, Retinal engorgement
Henebert's testCongen Syph osteitis of Temporal bone
Patherygy TestBehcet's
Lid twitch signMG
Tensilon testMG
Alkali denaturation testHbF is resistant
Twin peak signDichorionic trins
Bromsulphalein testinc in plasma brom= + DJ reflex

Section 3

Question Answer
Paul BunnelInfectious Mononucleosis
Cold AgglutAtypical Pneumonia
Fairley's testSchistosomiasis
Frie's testLGV test
Napier's aldehyde + Chopra's antimonyInc globulin-Leishmania
Sickling testSodium Metabisulphide
HAM's testScreening for PNH
Sucrose testPNH
Fouchet's testBile pigments
Hay's SulphurBile salts
Cozen'sTennis Elbow

Section 4

Question Answer
Rideal WalkerPhenol co-eff of disinfectant
Chick Martinefficiency of disinfectant
Ames testpotential to promote mutations
Thomas testHip flexion
Sulkowich testCalcium in urine
Epley's testBenign Paroxysmal Vertigo
Orthotoludine-Arsenite testResidual chlorine
Horrock's apparatusChlorine demand
Schirmer's testLacrimation function of facial nerve
Bender Visual Motor Gestalt testscreening for organic brain dysfunction
Projective personality testDraw a person, Thermatic appreciation, Sentence completion, Roschach inkblot
Halstead Reitan tests(10)Rhythm, tactual performance, finger oscillation