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Testicle Disease Presenation

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Question Answer
CryptorchidismFailure of the testicle to descend into the scrotal sac (Testicles normally develop in the abdomen and then 'descend' into the scrotal sac as the fetus grows. Most common congenital male reproductive 1% of male infants
OrchitisInflammation of the testicle
Testicular TorsionTwisting of the spermatic cord; thin walled veins become obstructed leading to congestion and hemorrhagic infarction. Presents in adolescents with sudden testicular pain and absent cremasteric reflex.
VaricoceleDilation of the spermatic vein due to impaired drainage. Presents as scrotal swelling with a "bag of worms" appearance. Usually left sided. Seen in a large percentage of infertile males
HydroceleFluid collection within the tunica vaginalis. 1) Tunica Vaginalis is a serous membrane that covers the testicle as well as the internal surface of the scrotum. Presents as scrotal swelling that can be transilluminated

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