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Since Confrederation what were thre 4 reasons for promoting immigration in canadaTo grow population, settle the land, provide labor, financial capital for economy
3 main groups in Canadaindigenous, british, french
Why is Canada's birthrates going downbulk of population growth and immigration and birthrates
What are the 4 government agencys responsible for immigration Ministry of mines and resources, department of citizen and immigration, department of manpower and immigration, and canada employment and immigration commission
Under the british north america act, constitutional responsibility for immigration is________ between _______ and _______ governmentsdivided , provincial, federal
In 2017 social needs have been the main reason for immigrationto recruit social and economic needs
In 1869 the immigration largely unrestricted exept the ___ ______ and the _____ill , disabled, poor
IN 1885 the british columbia wanted to exclude Chinese immigrants called the _______ which lasted until ____Headtax, 1923
After the first world war the law excluded people from countrys such as ____ _______ _____ if the law excluded groups they excluded the ________ ______ and the _______ and otheraustrians, hungarians, turks Communists, mennonits, and dukhabors other religous patterns
In 2017 ___________ have been the main reason for recruiting immigrationsocial and economic needs
In 1975 prime minister pierre trudeau developed a document called the ________--green paper
generally after the second world war, immigration policies started to change due to _____ and ______booming economic needs and social attitude
in 1985 the government wanted to increase the rate of immigrantsit is required if canadas population size is to be maintained or to grow marginally
What are 5 classes of immigrants and describe eachIndependent(people applying on their own) Humanitarian(refugees and other persecuted or displaced people) Family(having immediate family already living in canada) Assisted relatives(distant relatives, sponsored by a family member in canada) and economic(people with highly desirable employment skills)
The New act of 2001 gave the government to _____ and _______detain and deport
After the Sept 11 attack on the US the immigration act on 1976 was replaced with immigration act which included __________ relationshipsRefugee Protection Act
Refugees make of _____ of newcomers coming to canada10-15%
In 1962 a ______ was introduced to transport immigrantspoints system
this point system focused on _____ _________ _________ and __________work skills education levels language ability and family connections

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