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Question Answer
Confederate States of AmericaName of southern states who seceded from the Union
Radical RepublicansMembers of Congress who supported harsh punishment for Confderates and full citizenship for African Americans
Andrew JohnsonPresident who supported quick readmission of Southern states to the Union but did not concern himself with African American’s rights
Black CodesLaw that discriminated against African Americans
Fourteenth AmendmentConstitutional Provision guaranteeing equality under the law for all citizens
CarpetbaggersNortherners who went to the South to improve their economic or political situation
SharecroppingSystem in which farmers paid cash rent to landowners in return for raising the workers’ choice of crop
Ku Klux KlanGroup organized to terrorize African Americans during Reconstruction
ReconstructionPeriod in which the Union tried to readmit the Southern states, rebuild the Southern economy, and obtain rights for former slaves
Jim CrowName given to laws passed in the South restricting African American rights after the Civil War
Plessy V. FergusonSupreme Court case that stated, “separate but equal”
MiscegenationTerm that means mixing of different races particularly through marriage and children