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Where,When,What,WhyA ship from San Francisco to Yokahama after WWI. There was not a lot of cabin space, so the narrator didn't have a choice but to stay with Max Kelada.
Max Kelada characteristicsHe was disliked for being loud and bossy, being too familiar and organizing everyone the way he wants it to be. Mr. Kelada doesn't even think that he is unlikeable, so he doesnt stop trying to push his way into peoples conversations and activities. He claims that he is an expert, that he KNOWS IT ALL.
Mrs.RamsayIn the beginning, Mrs.Ramsay is described as modest, a woman with manners, which are similar to English traits, which cause the narrator to like her. Later on during the bet, it is understood that Mrs.Ramsay is not as innocent as she seems to be, which we can infer from when Max Kelada chose to save her from and lie about her pearls, concealing the fact that they are real and someone else bought them for her while her husband was away.
EventsThe narrator's impression of Max Kelada and prejudice before he meets him by judging his name, clothing and personal items. The narrators impression of Mr.Kelada after he meets him-his look, the way he acts and talks. Mr.Kelada intervenes in the narrator's game of Patience and reserved him a table without his opinion on the matter. A bet is taken up over the pearls of Mrs.Ramsay between the pearl expert Max Kelada and Mr.Ramsay who was told that his wife bought them for 18 pounds earlier. Max Kelada sees how distraught Mrs.Ramsay is and decides to accept humiliation and gives of his pride for her sake by intentionally losing the bet. Mrs.Ramsay slips an envelope with 100 dollars under the shared room of the narrator and Mr.Kelada as a thanks for saving her, and the narrator claims to not dislike Max Kelada, yet he cant admit to liking him.
The narrator's change of impression using a H.O.T.S.In the beginning of the story, the narrator is prejudiced and dislikes Mr.kelada before he meets him just by his name and belongings.Once he meets Max Kelada, he dislikes his appearance and behavior, which is seen by him rudely asking if he is english, and his irritability when Max Kelada intervenes in his game of Patience. During the rest of the story, the narrator as well as some of the passengers call Max Kelada "Mr Know All", which he takes as a compliment while the passengers are making fun of him. In the end, when the narrator understands how Mr.Kelada was brave and sacrificed his pride for Mrs.Ramsay, he is less prejudiced and says the he doesnt entirely dislike him anymore, despite the beginning, yet cannot admit to liking Max Kelada. The H.O.T.S. i used was Distinguishing different perspectives, it helped me understand how the narrators impression of Mr.Kelada changed from beginning to end by identifying how the narrators responds to Mr.Kelada's actions in the beginning in contrast to the end.
Significance of the name "Mr Know All"The name "Mr Know All" fits two characters: Max Kelada and the narrator. Mr.Kelada likes to organize people, is bossy and claims to be an expert and likes to express his knowledge to everyone, whilst oblivious to their dislike of him. The narrator is judgement and prejudiced, already dislikng Mr.Kelada without knowing a thing about him despite his name and his belongings, the narrator thinks he knows all there is to Max Kelada. The significance of the name is the connecting it brings between these two opposite characters. The narrator is introverted, "two-faced" and judgmental, while Mr.Kelada is extroverted,honest and loud.

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ProtagonistThe narrator-his point of view. English
AntagonistMax Kelada-Antagonizes the narrator. Pearl expert/dealer
Supporting CharactersMr and Mrs Ramsay - a diplomat, works for the US consolate

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Plot SummaryThe story takes place after WWI on a ship sailing from San Francisco to Japan. The narrator is a prejudiced judgmental Englishman who is forced to share a cabin with Max Kelada who he dislikes because of his non-English appearance and behavior.
ConflictThere is a conflict between Max kelada and the narrator because of the narrators dislike of Max Kelada's non-English characteristics. Mr Ramsay and Mr Kelada dislike one another therefore Mr Ramsay makes a bet in order to humiliate him. Max Kelada also has a conflict with himself when he decides to sacrifice his reputation to protect Mrs Ramsay.
ClimaxThe climax occurs when Mr Kelada sacrifices his ego for Mrs Ramsay and we discover that he is a true "English gentleman".
ResolutionMrs Ramsay gives back the 100 dollars to Max Kelada and the narrator is forced to admit that Max Kelada is a good guy.

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Comparing and ContrastingComparing: Both the narrator and Max Kelada are English, and they believe they know it all. Contrast:The narrator is introverted, "two-faced", judgmental and prejudiced,. Max Kelada is extroverted, loud, direct and honest.
Distinguishing different perspectivesThe narrators perspective of Mr Kelada changes throught the story. In the beginning he dislike everything about him but in the end he dislikes him less because of his kindness towards Mrs Ramsay.
Cause and effectAfter Mr Kelada lost the bet, everyon on board made fun of him however he saved the Ramsay's marriage and won the narrator's respect.
PatternsMr Kelada's patterns: imposing himself onto others. The narrator's pattern: judges and criticizes people who are different from him. the phrase " i did not like" or "i disliked" are repeated throughout the story which show us that the narrator is negative and cannot admit to liking Max Kelada.
InferringWe can infer that Mrs Ramsay cheated on her husband because she lied about the value of the pearls, and was scared when Mr Kelada could have told the truth,because then her husband would understand that another man bought her those pearls while he was away.

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