Test 7

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Question Answer
pregnant woman suspected to have PE ,v/q SCAN shows low probability for you do?CT angio of the chest
1st line tt for urge incontenence?bladder training
sclera is seen above the iris on downward gaze=lid lag
pt with lid lag,clubbing,vitiligo. location of pathology is?thyroid
if you suspect opiod overdose in pt with normal pupil size dose it exclude it?no
opiod overdose effect on :RR, TV, TEMP, BOWL SOUNDS?all decreased
pt with migrane given sumatriptan 1 hr ago. what to avoid?ergots. cuz with triptans it causes prolonged vascular spasm due to over activation of serotonin receptors.
glare while driving at night=cataract
splenectomy effect on platelets count?why?thrombocytosis. cuz spleen removes old platelets from circulation.
meds improve survival in its with LV dysfunction of pt decompensated heart failure?ACEs, ARBs, BB, aldosterone antagonists, hydrazine & nitrates
what kind of BB for pt with HF & LV systolic dysfunction?metoprolol succinate, carvedilol, bisoprolol.)
amenorrhea +wt gain check?TSH
pt with palmar xanthoma,dx?ttt?hypertriglycridemaia. fenofibrate.
ulnar lesion occur atelbow
HIV ttt leads to vivid dreamsEfovir
another name for henochline purport?leukocytoclastic vasculitis

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