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CLL clinical findingschain lymphadenopathy, hepatosplenomegaly, mild anemia & thrombocytopenia.
CLL diagnostic ?sever lymphocytosis & smudge cells, flow cytometry ,
pt with CLL would benefit the most of therapy directed against?CD20 cell surface antigen
TNF is ttt for inflammatory disease( RA , crohn's)
to confirm dx of brain abcess?gadolinium enhanced MRI
infections in sickle cell and their causative organisms?1-pneumonea:S.PNEUMONEA. 2-osteomylitis & septic arthritis:S.AURUS, SALMONELLA.. 3-bacteremia,septicemia: S.pneumonea, H.influenza type B. 4-meningitis:S.pneumonea.
high risk conditions requires prophylaxis before serious dental procedure are: 1-prosthetic heart valve. 2-previous hx of IE. 3-unrepaired congenital heart disease.
dose acquired aortic or mitral valve disease(MVP,MR) , bicuspid aortic valve require antimicrobial prophylaxis?no
increasing upper limit will decrease SEN increase Specificity
acute dystonia (torticolis) ttt is ?Diphenhydramine or anticholinergic ( benztropin, tihexyphenidyle )
NLM syndrome characterized by? ttt?fever, diffuse rigidity, mental status changes , autonomic instability. ttt: dantrolene (MS relaxant)
middle aged woman with pelvic complains & adnexal mass is palpated.DX?ovarian cancer
rectovaginal septum nodularity is not against the dx of ovarian cancer
plural effusion, adnexal mass, in F 40-65.pelvic complainsovarian cancer mets to plura
pt with PCO with BMI 33 with infertility?next step to manage infertility is?1st: WT loss. if didn't help 2nd: clomophine or metformin.
episodic dizziness with rolling over the bed dx is?managment with ?bening paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV). head positioning excersise (Epley maneuver).
what is the cause of BPPV?Otoliths displacement from normal location in the utricle into the adjacent semicircular canal.
pt with sickle came with pain in lower back and back of the thighs .PE:tenderness with squeezing back of thighs?cause is?Micro Vascular occlusion

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pt with septic shock ,hypotension, step?bolus IV fluids
chronic diarrhea, bronchospasm, travel hx, eosinophilia ?next step?parasitic step-> serial stool analysis for ova & parasites.
diarrhea, flushing, telangectasea , and cramping->dx? next step ?carcinoid syndrome. next step->check urinary 5-HIAA excretion .
if UA no hematuria no proteinuria its less likely to beglomerular injury
63yrs pt with anemia, hyperclacemia, constitutional symptoms(fatigue,wt loss).think of?cause of kidney injury in this pt is ?MM. renal tubular damage.
genetic testing: unstable trinucleotide repeat of CGG on X chromosome.DX?fragile X syndrome
fragile X syndrome is characterized by: 1- autistic behavior. 2-delayed milestones. 3-intelectual disability. 4-elongated facies. 5-large testes.
management of acute agitation withhalopredol
do you give benzodiazepine in delirium?when?benzo increase incidence of delirium. its only given in delirium 2ry to alcohol or benzo withdrawal.
vaginal infection with PH less than 4.5?candida vaginitis

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