Test 4 Q and A's

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Susan B. Anthonyled the Women’s Loyal League and founded the National American Woman Suffrage Association
Andrew Jacksonfrom Tennessee, military hero, ran in 1824 for President, reran in 1828, nicknamed “Old Hickory”
Spoils systemfavoritism for votes
James K. Polkfrom Tennessee, president by a narrow margin
John Deereinvented steel plow (instead of iron plow)
Sam Houston led the Texan revolt against Santa Anna at San Jacinto, first Texan president
Nicholas BiddlePresident of the 2nd Bank of the United States
Robert Fultonsteamboat engineer, his boat was called Claremont
Cyrus McCormickinvented machine to cut grain; known as McCormick’s reaper
Samuel Slatermanufacturer of textile industry, spinning and weaving
Nathaniel Hawthorne wrote inspiring literature of American life during 1850s

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John TylerPresident when Texas became a state, allowed Texas to become a state in order to keep them from joining with Great Britain
Robert Y. Haynesenator from South Carolina, debated Daniel Webster over nullification process
Peggy Eatondubbed as having an affair with Martin Van Buren, but she actually just courted Van Buren
George Bingham Missouri painter who painted the strenuous life of pioneers
DeWitt ClintonInstrumental in the building of Erie Canal as governor of New York
Apprenticea person who studies with a master craftsman to learn a trade
Marlin Van Buren VP to Andrew Jackson, later President, known as “the little magician”
Putting-out systemwhere small cottage workers produced specialized products for industry
TemperanceMovement to stay away from alcoholic beverages
William Henry HarrisonGeneral famous in Battle of Tippecanoe, defeated Martin Van Buren for President
James Fenimore CooperFirst American novelist, famous for writing The Last of the Mohicans

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Potato famineterrible rot that attacked the potato crop in Ireland in the 1840s forcing many Irishmen to immigrate to the U.S.
Molly Maguires Secret Irish miner’s union in Pennsylvania
Samuel Morseinvented the telegraph
Winslow Homerartist in 1830s became famous as a magazine illustrator
Clipper Shipslong, narrow, and majestic ships
Joseph Smithfounder of Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormons)
Noah Webster“Schoolmaster of the Republic” published dictionary
Dorothea Dixavid feminist who advocated reform for treatment of mentally ill
Horace Mannpreached educational reforms in 1840s and 1850s
John J. Audubonnaturalist and gifted artist; drew the birds of America

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