Test 4 Julie

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Section 1

Question Answer
Anxiety occupationsuccessful result; relaxation, stretch, stress mgt
depression occupationssuccessful; simple short term; familiar/less socialization then gradually challenge
mania occupationsfew steps; limited choices
hallucination occupationssimple stuructured social interaction
dellusion occupationsappropriate task roles and interest; avoid task related to delusion
paranoia occupationsactivities that pt can control; match intellectual level
anger/hostile/aggression occupationavoid tools; tasks that relieve tentions; repetition
sexual behavior occupationgross motor; social skill; task with others--use with caution
cognitive deficits occupationsimple strucutred; reality orientation; maintain skills
ADD occupationsimple short; well-defined; avoid creative projects
protective outfitgloves, goggles, robes, masks
1st degreerinse in cold water and cover with gauze/bandaid
2nd degreerequries immediate attention
strains/sprains/bruiseapply ice, rest, apply pressure, elevate above heart
suicide ratio1:4 pt/staff
topics for consumersemergency phone #; simple 1st aid; houshold safety; how/where to obtain medical services

Section 2

Question Answer
anxiety environementcalm comfy familiar
depression environementsubdued; graudally increase stimulation
mania environementdecrease distracting stimuli
hallucination environementdecrease stimuli but dont isolate
delusion environementstimulate with others
paranoia environementconsistency; slowly inegrate social interaction
anger environementisolate and cautious
sexual environementavoid physical contact places
cognitive environementconsistent; good lighting; vusial cues; familiar
ADD environementdecrease distraction; work alone then add people
anxiety practionerenourage talk
depression practionernever agree that situation is hopeless; set real goals
mania practionerbe aware of flattery
hallucination practionerdont argue
delusion practionerchange subject
paranoia practionerdont whisper
anger practionerbe alert; direct; clear
sexual practionertell them they are behaving inappropriately
congitive practionerorientate; calm voice, clear words, concise statement, concrete language, consistent words
ADD practionerincrease voume; use firm toch