Test 3

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Section 1

Question Answer
axis what was combined1-3
last axisglobal functions
neurodevelopmental disorder treatmentsenviroenmtal modiciations, community integration
social communication disorders treatmentsocial skills training, cognitive behavioral therapy
specific learning disorder treatmentattention skills and activity analysis/grading
Austism treatmentsocial skills and SI
ADHD treatmentsensory input, stress management
disruptive/oppositional/intermittent treatmentbehavioral modifications and coping skills
feeding/eating treatmentstress managemtn, coping skills
neurocognitive disorder treatmetnreorietnation, management of environment
Schiz treatmentanger managemtn, problem solving
catatonic type for schiz treatmentphysical activity and coping skill
addiction treatmentstress management, behavior modification
mood disorder treatmentsocial partiicpation, work/job performance
anxiety disorderstress managemt, pet therapy
paranoid personality disorder actiivtytrust, communicttion..dont whisper, SI
schizoid personality disorder activitysocial skill, rolemodeling
schizotypal personality disorder actiivtysocial and communication skill, meds
antisocial personality disorder treatmentsocial and comunication skill, meds
borderline treatmentdecrease impulse; use interesting activity
histrionic personality treamentself esteem, impulse control
avoidant personality disorderself aware, social skill
dependendt personality treatmentself esteem, assertiveness
ocd treatmentdiverse, Dx earlier

Section 2

Question Answer
neurodevelopmental disorder has how many domains3
specific learning diosrderdifficiutl in different subject
deviant behavior and antisocial: steal/violencedisruptive, impulse control and conduct disorders
argumentive and resentfulODD
recurrent behaviors 3 in 12 monthsintermittent explosive
distrubance in eatingARFID
reduced alertness from physiological causedelirium
impaired LTM and STMdementia
dementia result from substancessubstance/medication induced/amnestic
cerebrovasucal system; streokevascular demeientia
beyond normal issues of aginmidl neurocognitive disorders

Section 3

Question Answer
use of several drugspolysubstance
knows its harfuldependence
use that is harmful for at least 1 monthabuse
extreeme psychomotor disturbacnecatatonic
incoherent thinking, bizzaredisorganized
delusional thinkingparanoid
criterai for otehr sciz is not presentundifferentiated
active psychotic symptoms present but no negative symptomsresidual
less severe schizsimple schiz
changes in front cortexdiagnosis
newer durg atypicalmeidcal managment and drug treatment
low mild depressiondysthymic disorder
elevated mood, mild form of manihypomani
alter between mild high and mild lowcyclothymic
hair pulling disordertrichotillomania
unwatnted thoughtobsession
repetitive behaviorcompulsion

Section 4

Question Answer
cluter A definitionodd,different, bizzare
disorders in cluster Aparnoid personality, schizoid, schizotypical
cluster b definitionerratic, emotional, self centered
cluster b disordersantisocial, borderline, hisotrionic, nacissist
attention seeking and dramatichistrionic personality
cluster C definitionfearful, anxious, or avoidant
cluster C disordersavoidant, dependent, OCD
multiple personality disorder is also known asdissociative ideneity disorder