Test 3 - Chapter 23 - Heart Failure

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Question Answer
Heart failure is defined as a clinical syndrome in which the heart is unable to pump blood at the ratenecessary to meet the body's metabolic needs
Diseases that contribute to heart failure includeKidney dysfunction, diabetes, hypertension
Drugs that aggravate Heart Failure nonsteroidal anti-inflammatories
Right-sided heart failurereduces the capacity of the heart to pump blood to the lungs
Left-sided heart failurereduces the volume of oxygen and nutrient-rich blood
Right-sided heart failure fluids are backed up also known asvenous congestion
Venous congestion causes____ pulmonary edema and SOB
Systolic Heart Failure (SHF) includes _____- results in reduced cardiacleft ventricular contractions reduced causing a decrease in volume of blood ejected from ventricles
Diastolic Heart Failure (DHF) includes ____ - results in reduced cardiac output, SOB and pumlmonary hypertensionstroke volume being reduced because left ventricle is unable to accept sufficient volume of blood during diastole
When Renin-aldosterone angiotension system is activated, this _____increases in blood volume and cardiac output because RAAS activation produces Na and fluid retention
Atrial natriuetic peptide (ANP) and brain natriuretic peptide (BNP) promote _____Sodium and water elimination, vasodilation and diastolic relaxation
Cardioglycosides are considered the ______ drug used in the treatment of heart failureoldest
Digitalis is a cardioglycoside derived from the ____ plantfoxglove
Cardioglycosides have a ___ inotropic effect on the heartpositive
_______is the only commercially available cardioglycosideDigoxin (Lanoxin)
Diuretics are administered to treat ____volume overload and lower blood pressure
Aldosterone Antagonists is a hormone that promotes ___ retention and ___ accumulationSodium and Water
MOA of Aldosterone Antagonists include decreasing Na+ and H2O levels and increasing K+ levels
B-Adrenergic Blockers are administered to block excess sympathetic stimulation, reduce heart rate and decrease workload of the heart
MOA of ACEI'sReduce left ventricular hypertrophy, improve diastolic filling, increase cardiac output
MOA od ARB's Improve excersice tolerance and diastolic filling
HMG CoA Reductase Inhibitors also known asStatins
Statins have been shown to reduce _____Inflammation
MOA of VasodilatorsReduce peripheral resistance along with cardiac preload/afterload.
______ and _______ are used in combination for their vasodilating effectsIsosorbide dininitrate and hydralazine
Thiazide diuretics can causeHypokalemia
Spironolactone may be used in the treatment of moderate to severe heart failure to ____reduce H2O and Na+ accumulation