Test 3 - Chapter 21 - Angina

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Section 1

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Treatment of Stable Angina includes?Rest and antianginal meds
Stable Angina caused byPhysical exertion, smoking, unhealthy diet
Unstable Angina SymptomsOccur at rest without physical exertion - embolus partially occludes the artery
What is Angina?Imbalance between blood supplied and need for blood and oxygen
The Latin word for Angina"To choke"

Section 2

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What happens during atherosclerosis?Lipid streaks harden into plaques
What do atheroma's do?Increase in size and reduce blood flow

Section 3

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Pharmacotherapy for AnginaIncrease the blood/oxygen supply; decrease heart workflow
Organic _______ are the oldest class of drugs to treat anginaNitrates
What is the long acting metabolite of Isosorbide dininitrate?Isosorbide Mononitrate
B-Adrenergic Blockers (Beta Blockers) block activity of _____?Sympathetic Nervous System
MOA of B-Adrenergic Blockers?Reduce the hearts demand for oxygen.
Calcium Channel blockers (CCB's) have a common ending of ____?"Dipine"
CCB's are used to treat which kind of Angina?Variant and Stable
MOA of CCB's?Block L-Type voltage dependent calcium channels

Section 4

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People with what kind of health history are at risk for Angina?Heart Disease hypertension and diabetes
Nitrates act to ____ the vein?Dilate
Which drug must be dispensed in the manufacturer's original container?Sublingual Nitroglycerin