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WHATS GRIFFITH EXPERIMENT?Suggesting that the bacteria (pneumococcus ) are capable of transforming genetic info through a process known as "Transformation". S-Strain(virulent) injected to mice: Dies R-Strain (nonvirulent) injected to mice: LIVES Heat-killed S injected to mice: LIVE R-strain + heatkilled S injected to mice: DIES.
Definition of TRANSformation?A few genes are transferred from a donor to a recipient bacterium; and one or two of these transferred genes may be expressed
Definition of Conjugation?genes are transferred from a viable donor bacterium to viable recipient bacterium by MATING
what's the fertility factor that makes specific for making pili in F+?Plasmid (has the gene for making pilus). If the F+ does not have this plasmid, will not make PILI. Without the plasmid, the female cannot get pilus.
The R factors can carry how many R-resistant genes?2-8
T or F The R-factor plasmids can jump from cell to cell? False. They can jump from in and out of chromosome but not jump to cell to cell.. will need sex pillus or MATING
T or F. GRAM + have Pilus like GRAM -.False. GRAM - have pii. GRAM + dont
How can GRAM + mate when dont have pili? By touching through Adhesin zone.
What's TRANSDUCTION?a few genes are transferred from a viable donor bacterium to a viable recipient bacterium by a VIRUS
T or F DNA virus are MOSTLY double stranded, some are single stranded.TRUE
T or F RNA virus are MOSTLY Single strandedTRUE
T or F DNA and RNA virus are both circular DNA or Linear stripsTRUE
Whats an amature virus with GENETIC materials and protein coat calledVIRION
Whats a VIROID? a VIRUS! is an Single Stranded RNA Virus with NO protein Coat!!
Some Viruses have an additional covering outside the COAT, called?Envelope
Covering of the Virus Gene is called?A capsid aka: CORE aka: Protein Coat
How does a Virus get its envelope?From HOST PLASMA MEMBRANE
Whats an Enveloped Virus?has Naked virus WITH envelope
What's naked Virus?has protein coat but NO envelope!!
T or F. A VIROID is Double stranded DNA protein sweatersFalse. its Single Stranded RNA w/ protein coat
In a virus - each protein is called?Capsomere
In a virus - group of protein is called?Capsid
A virus that affects/attact bacteria is called?Bacteriophage
A virulent phage causing a Lytic cycle. whats the steps?1. attachement, 2 Penetration, 3. Biosynthesis, 4. Maturation, 5. Release/Escape
In Biosyntheis? What's happeningViruses are taking all the materials from the host and make their own components such as Capsid(head), Shealth, Tail Fibers
In Maturation? what's happeningViral components made are assembled into VIRIONS
How does a phage puncture a hole in cell wall?When the tail fibers hold on the cell surface, the lysozyme trickles down the hollow tube, sheath contracts, injects out the lysozyme, and soften the cell wall.
This Disease can only be spread by humans?Shigellosis
Name a disease that can only be spread by humans?Shigellosis
This bacterium is NOT found in animal. It is ONLY spread in feces from other peopleSalmonella typhiI
There are 4 species of Genus: Shigella. name them all1. sonnei, 2 boydii, 3. flexneri, and 4. Dysenteriae( shiga-toxin)
This bacteria DO NOT multiply in the Intestinal Epithelial cells and MULTIPLY inside Phagocytic cells and become disseminated in the body.Salmonella typhi
In Genus Shigella - what is only capable of invading the blood stream?S. dysenteriae
****Shigella destroy tisue in the Intestinal mucosa of the?LARGE Intestines.
#1 cause of "TRAVELER's DIARRHEA" that is found in developing countries?EnteroToxingenic E. coli
What's the most Virulent pathogen of E. coli?EnteroHemorrhagic E. coli. Only one bacterial cell is necessary to cause a severe and even fatal outcome in people.
This virus is the MOST COMMON CAUSE OF VIRAL GASTROENTERITIS in infants and smallchildren in the wold?ROTAVIRUS
IN the US. this virus is the major cause of diarrheal disease among infants and young children?Rotavirus
T of F. Campylobacter and Salmonella are carried ASYMPTOMATICALLY by many animals including cattle, poultry.TRUE

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