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in Protein synthesis - theres two steps?Transcription - transcribing. 2. Translation - translating mRNA to Protein
what are codons?3 consecutive nitrogenous base that code for 1 amino acid.
what should you do when u take sufa drugs, b/c this will form crystals in your kidney?Make sure you drink LOTs of WATER!!
What's another name for Penicillinase?Beta lactumase
Penicillinase attack the ring called?Beta-Lactam ring.
3 reasons why Semi synthetics pcn have some advantages?1. it avoids Penicillinase, 2. It can be taken orally, 3. Some are Broad spectrums.
What's the role of the Penicillinase?Breaks open the B-Lactam Ring
Side effects including Diarrhea, overgrowth of YEAST to vaginitis?TETRAs. If given to females - be careful - might get YEAST infection!
What are the CODON codes to STOP the Growing protein chainUAA, UAG, UGA
Whats needed in TRANSLATION?Need 1. Ribosome, 2. mRNA, 3 tRNA.
In Protein Synthesis, what carrys the specific amino acid?tRNA
In Protein Synthesis, what going to hold the mRNA?Ribosome
All the antibiotic that inhibit protein systhesid, anre all bariostatic, EXCEPT?The amnoglycosides --- its Bacteriocidal

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