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Saturated Fatty acidseach carbon atom within the chain holds 2 hydrogen atoms
Trans FatUnsaturated fats with at least 1 trans dub bond rather than cis bond
Hydrogenationprocess adds hydrogen atoms to liquid veggie oils. For trans fats
TryglycerideComposed of 3 Fatty acids and glycerol backbone
PhospholipidAct as emulsifiers cuz hydrophilic/phobic areas
CholesterolMake bile and vitamin d
Duodenum and fatsPancreatic lipase digest tryglycerides forming monoglyceride and free fatty aids
Lipo proteinstransport lipids in blood and can influience plaque formation (HDL/LDL)
HDLGood cholesterol, transport cholesterol away from tissues and to liver for elimination
LDLBad cholesterol convey cholesterol to tissues

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Protein functionTransport proteins (many nuts travel in blood with special proteins) and deal with fluid balance
amino acid consist ofAmino, R- Group and acid group
DenaturationAltering protein natural shape and function by exposing it with various condition
TransaminationTransfer Amino group to a ketoacid to form a new Amino Acid
RDA for protein per kilogram0.8g
vitaminOrganic compound not made by body and causes deficiency disorders
What vitamins are fat solubleA, D, E and K
AntioxidantSubstance gives up electrons to stabilize free radicals
Enrichmentaddition of nutrients to refined cereals/grains
XerophthalmiaBig vitamin A deficiency
Parathyroid HormoneReleased when blood calcium levels drop, stimulate kidneys to increase active vitamin D production
RicketsVitamin D Deficiency (soft bones)
Osteomalacia Vitamin D deficiency for adults
BeriberiThiamin Deficiency

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CoenzymeSmall molecule regulate chemical reaction by interacting with enzymes
Niacin deficiencyPellagra, 4 D's, Dermatitis, Diahrea, dementia, death
ScurvyVitamin C deficiency, gums bleed
KidneysMajor regulator of body water content and ion concentration
CalcitoninStimulated when blood calcium levels is too high, stimulates osteoblasts which build bone
Sodium adequate intake1500mg

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