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-----The diaphragm is a unique muscle because itis both a voluntary and involuntary muscle.
In relation to the wrist, the elbow isproximal.
-----The exchange of oxygen and nutrients for waste products of metabolism occurs at the cellular level in the:Cappillaries
-----Contraction of the right ventricle causesblood to flow into the pulmonary circulation
-----As bronchus divides into smaller bronchioles, the terminal ends of the smaller passages form thealveoli
-----And infant or small childs airway can be occluded if it is overextended or overflexed becausethe occiput is proportionately large and the trachea is flexible
An intoxicated 40y/o male is found lying face down. how would you document his body's position?prone
Aggressive ambulance driving may have a negative effect on the other motoristsIt may not allow for their reaction time to respond to your vehicle
-----The leaf-shaped flap of tissue that prevents food and liquid from entering the trachea during swallowing is called theepiglottis
-----with increasing age, the heart must work harder to move the blood effectively becausethe blood vessels become stiff
-----Which of the following statements regarding psychosocial development in the adolescent age group is correct? A)Antisocial behavior and peer pressure peak around 14 to 16 years of age B)Because they think rationally, adolescents are at the lowest risk for suicide C)Family conflict decreases as the adolescent gains control of his or her life D)Adolescents are less fixated on their public image than younger childrenA
A critical aspect of the rapid extrication technique is to Maintain stabilization of the spine at all times
-----The left side of the heart receives oxygenated blood from the lungs through thepulmonary veins
Hydroplaning of the ambulance on the wet roads would MOST likely occur at speeds greater than ______MPH30
-----Which of the following describes the Moro ReflexTHe neonate opens his arem wide, spreads his or her fingers, and seems to grasp at something after being startled
-----Dead space in the portion of the respiratory system thatcontains no aveoli and doesn't participate in the gas exchange
-----The primary organ responsible for absorption of products of digestion is thesmall intstine
Put in order how the blood flows through the heart starting with the vessels leading into the heart from the body and ending with the vesels that lead to the body
-----THe bones of the forearm are called theradius and ulna
A fracture of the humerus just above the elbow would be described as adistal humerus fracture
in contrast to typical wheeled ambulance stretchers, features of a bariatric stretcher includeincreased stability due to wider wheelbase
-----The axial skeleton is composed of theskull,face,thorax,and vertebral column
-----The electrical impulse of the heart normally begins at theAntrioventricular node
-----The air you breath is ____ oxygen and the air you exhale is ________ oxygen21% and 16%
-----Cardiac output (CO) is affected byStroke volume and heart rate CO(70-80mL)= HR*SV
The most appropriate carrying device to use moving a patient across rough or uneven terrain is thebasket stretcher
-----The brain connects to the spinal cord through a large opening at the base of the skull called theforamen magnum
-----each pelvic bone is formed by the fusion of theilium, pubis, and sacrum
As soon as you leave the hosputal and are en route back to the station, you should inform the dispatcherwhether you are back in servie
in order to facilitate a safe and coordinated moe, the team leader shoulduse preparatory commands to initiate and moves
-----Breathing is often more labor intensice is older adults because theelasticity of the lungs decreases
-----the firm cartilaginous ring that forms the inferior portion of the larynx is calledcricoid carilage
the FIRST rile of safe lifting is toKeep your back in a slightly curved position
To minimize the risk of injuring yourself when lifting or moving a patient, you shouldKeep the weight as close to your body as possible
-----Signs of adequate breathing in the adult include all of the following, EXCEPT A)a reduction in tidal volume. B)respirations of 20 breaths/min. C)bilaterally clear breath sounds. D) rhythmic inhalation and exhalationA
-----Tidal VolumeThe amount of air that is moved in or out of the lungs during one breath
-----A person's bones would become brittle if he or she was deficient in:calcium.
While using lights and siren, most state laws permit an ambulance to: Answer ????
-----The heart muscle is called theMyocardium
-----The backup system of respiratory control, which is based on low concentrations of oxygen in the blood, is called the:Hypoxic drive
-----The ___________ portion of the spinal column is joined to the iliac bones of the pelvis.Sacrum
-----A patient has a blood pressure of 130/70 mm Hg. The “130” represents:Atrial Contraction: Systolic
THe proper technique for the power grip is to lift with palms up
As you and your partner are carrying a stable patient down a flight of stairs in a stair chair, you feel a sudden, sharp pain in your lower back. You should:stop the move and request additional lifting assistance
-----The bones that comprise the fingers and toes are called:phalanges
-----The central nervous system is composed of thebrain and spinal cord
-----Anterior to the knee is a specialized bone called thePatella
-----The primary function of the right atrium is toreceive blood from the vena cave
It is 10:30 PM and you have requested air medical transport for a critically injured patient. When you arrive at the designated landing zone, you should:survey the area for power lines or other hazards.
-----THe diaphragm and intercostal muscles contract duringinhalation
A patient has fractured both femurs. Anatomicall these injuries would be described as beingBilateral
-----stimulation of the alpha-adrenergic receptors isconstriction of the blood vessels
-----which of the following is an anatomic difference between children and adultsan infant's tongue is proportionately larger then an adult's
-----A by-product of involuntary muscle contraction and relaxation isheat
-----hemoglobin is a molecule that attaches to ______ and carries oxygenerythrocytes
-----Deoxygenated blood from the abdomen, pelvis and lower extremities is returning to the right atrium via the:inferior vena cave
-----the amaount of air the remains in the lungs simply to keep them open is calledresidual volume
-----The anterior fontanelle fuses together between the ages of9-18 months
In which of the following situations is an emergency patient move indicated?The EMT is unable to protect the patient from scene hazards
THe use of lights and siren on an ambulance:signifies a request for the other drivers to yield the right of way
common activities that occur while you and your partner are en route to the scene of an emergency call include all of the following EXCEPT: A)assigning tasks to each member of the response team. B)obtaining additional information from the dispatcher. C)apprising the medical director of the nature of the call. D) fastening your seatbelts before the ambulance departs.C
-----Breathing occurs as the result of a(n):increase in carbon dioxide, which decreases the pH of the CSF.
-----Match the number of bones with the part of the spine that the number correlates with7- Cervical (neck) 12 Thoracic (upper back) 5 Lumbar (lower back) 5 Sacrum (pelvic) 4 Coccyx
After assessing your patient, you determine that his condition is stable. You provide the appropriate treatment and then load him into the ambulance. While en route to the hospital, you should:turn your emergency lights off and obey all traffic laws.
The MOST serious consequence of a poorly planned or rushed patient move is:injury to you or your patient
-----Select the areas of the spinal column in descending order.Cevical thracic Lumbar sacrum coccyx
-----The ____________ is a muscular dome that forms the inferior boundary of the thorax, separating the thorax from the abdomen.diaphragm
In general, medivac helicopters should be utilized when:a patient has a time-dependent injury or illness and traffic conditions would cause a significant delay in definitive care.
An EMT may injure his or her back, even if it is straight, if the:back is bent forward at the hips
-----An increase in heart rate and contractility occurs due to stimulation of:Beta 1 receptors
-----together the right and left lungs contain how many lobesFive
Equipment and supplies that are carried on and ambulance should be storedAccording to the urgency and frequency of their use
If hydroplaning of the abulance occurs, the driver should gradually slow down without jamming on the brakes
-----all necessary life funtions are coordinated in what part of the brainbrain stem
During the transport phase of an ambulance call, it is most important to converse with the patient and provide rassurance
-----Key hormones of the sympathetic nervous system includeNorepinephrine and acetylcholine
-----Infants are often refered to as "belly breathers" becauseTheir rib cage is less rigid and the ribs sit horizontally
-----Skeletal muscle is also calledvoluntary muscle
-----The carpal bones form thewrist
-----the autonomic nervous system controls all of the following funtions, EXCEPT A.digestion. B.breathing. C.breath holding. D.vessel dilation.C
Trendelenburg's position is MOST accurately defined as aSupine position with the legs elevated 6"-12" higher than the head.