Test #2

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Question Answer
allergic (conjunctivitis)seasonal, caused by pollen or pets, chemical, both eyes affected
viral(conjunctivitis)watery discharge, HSV, contagious, no treatment
bacterial(conjunctivitis)contagious, swelling of lids, yellow drainage, not contagious after 24 hour treatment
nystagmusdancing eye--ETOH abuse
scotomasspots in vision
diplopiadouble vision
snellen testcentral visual acuity test 20 feet away
nearsighted testat bedside with flash card 14 inches away
myopianear sightness
cataract cloudy opaque , through pupil
corneal arcuswhite/blue ring around iris
styepainful, outer margin, pus filled, lash line
chalazionpainless, inner lid, pus filled infection
ocular hemorrhagebroken vessels, cause by cough, trauma, heavy lifting, HTN, and ICP
diabetic retinopathymicro spots are hall mark
ptosisdropping of upper eyelid, cranial III affected
exophthalmosprotrusion of the eye socket, assess above and behind
pterygiymthick triangle fibrous tissue the grow over pupil
lid lagretracted upper eye lid
acute angle glaucomas/s is an emergency-very painful-pupils are dilated


Question Answer
otitis ear infection
tug testmove auricle and tug upward
external otitisinfection , painful tug test
otitis mediano pain with tug test, tenderness behind ear, caused by congenital, perferation, bulging ear drum, hear loss

Head and Neck

Question Answer
tension headachechronic peaks over several hours, felt in temples
migrainessome may have an aura, n/v, and is felt unilateral
cluster headachesever headache one , two, three times a day, may awaken from sleep, unilateral and usually felt behind eyes
headache red flagssudden, progressive, may be tumor, assess or mass
CN VIIIWhat cranial nerve would be assessed with vertigo
peripheralwhat type of vertigo appears suddenly and short lasting
centralwhat type of vertigo appears suddenly and long lasting
hypothyroids/s hoarseness >2 weeks
hypothyroids/s fatigue--wt gain--peri orbital edema
hypothyroids/s goiter
hyperthyroids/s weight loss
hyperthyroids/s agitation--palpitation
hyperthyroids/s poor eye convergence
hyperthyroids/s lid lag--expopthalmos
goiterlarge thyroid
flex fowardhow to angle neck for thyroid assessment
2,3,4 cartilagewhere to palpate thyroid
pharyngitiswhat disorder is swollen lymph normal


Question Answer
divide into quad or clockhow to document breast assessment
nodes are swollen and tenderwhy are breast not assessed week prior to cycle
normals/s fluid filled cyst--moveable--round
normals/s uneven breast
yesdo men also get BC
week after cyclebest time to do BSE
q monthhow often BSE?
Breast Cancer#1 cancer in women world wide
Lung Cancer#1 killer of women world wide
Breast Cancer screeningwhat is the first line of defense against breast cancer
20-39What is the age for Clinical Brest Examination?
3 yearsHow often CBE recommend CBE for women 20-39
1 yearHow often is mammography ? > age 40
yes,same day every monthis menopausal women still required to do BSE
Inspect sitting, palpate laying downhow to assess breast
2,3,4 fingerswhich fingers used for palpation
periphery, tail,axilla and nippleswhat are the four parts of breast assessed in examination?
Possible Malignancyhardening--irregular shape breast--dimpling--retracted nipple--non tender lump--edema of the skin
acanthuses nigricandeeply pigmented velvety skin in axillary or neck
standing-arms at side-leaning forwardhow to conduct standing visual assessment
not all, but most (central)Do all of the breast lymphatic drain into the axilla nodes?


Question Answer
What are some causes of stress incontinenceobesity , child birth
Cause of stress incontinencedecrease uterine pressure
Urgency followed by leakage, due to poor detrusor contractionurge incontinence
size of urge incontinence bladdersmall
s/s LLQ pain with felt massdiverticulitis
s/s epigastric tenderness, rebound pain that may refer to backpancreatic
s/s mid tympani , and side dull percussionasitis
s/s RLQ painappendicitis
s/s + cough test, some rebound tendernessperitonitis
Order in GI assessmentinspect, listen, percuss, palpated
positive pain when pressure is releaserebound pain
Palpate on LLQ but pain is felt on RLQRovsign +
palpate between ASIS and umbiliciMcburny point
internal and external rotation of right leg in supine positionoberater sign
mode of transmission oral fecalHep A
mode of transmission blood bornHep B/C

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