Test 2 Review

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Section 1

Question Answer
ICEintracardiac echocardiography
IDDMinsulin dependent diabetes mellitus
IJVinternal jugular vien
MCDKmulticystic dysplastic kidney disease
MCLmedial collateral ligament
CIcephalic index, cardiac index
IVFinvitro fertilization
PMVprolapsed mitral valve
GAgestational age
EDCestimated date of confindement

Section 2

Question Answer
EUPextrauterine pregnancy
PCAposterior cerebral artery
SPECTsingle photon emission computed tomography
SVTsupraventricular tachycardia
TCCtransitional cell carcinoma
TCDtrascranial Doppler
ASCUDatherosclerotic cardiovascular disease
ICAinternal carotid artery

Section 3

Question Answer
IVHintraventricular hemorrhage
IVPintavenous plyelogram
IVSDinterventricular septal defect
IVUSintravascular ultrasound
ERCPendoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography
EVSendovaginal sonography
MISmitral insufficiency
ICDimplantble cardioverter defibrillator
ASDatrial septal defect

Section 4

Question Answer
CHDcongential heart disease, congestive heart disease , common hepatic duct
THItissue harmonics imaging
PIpusatility index
GSVgreater sapheneous vein
OCGoral cholecystogram
FSVfoward stroke volume
AFIamniotic fluid index
FNHfocal nodular hyperplasia
ROIregion of interest

Section 5

Question Answer
FNAfine needle aspiration
VTventricular trachycardia
PUBSpercutaneous umbilical cord sampling
LVDleft ventricular dysfuction
LVADleft venticular assisted device
MCAmiddle cerebral artery
HVLhalf valve larger
AEDautomated external defibillator

Section 6

Question Answer
ASaortic stenosis
RIresistance index
ACSacute coronary syndrome
DTIDoppler tissue imaging
DORVdouble outlet right ventricle
ACLanterior cruciate ligment
GIFTgamete inta fallopien tranfer
ACADatherosclerotic carotid artery disease
ARTassisted reproductive therapy

Section 7

Question Answer
APCatrial premature contraction
LPAleft pulmonary artery
PApoliteal artery, politeal aneurysm
LFTliver function test
WESwall-echo shadow
SISsaline infusion sonohysterography
MRCPmagnetic resonance cholangiopancreatography
MSmitral stenosis, multiple slerosis
hcGhuman chronic gonadotropin
MSDmean sac diameter

Section 8

Question Answer
RCCrenal cell carcinoma
IMAinferior mesenteric artery
LBBBleft bundle branch block
RADreactive airway disease
PFOpatent formen ovale
DUSduplex ultrasonography
CFDcolor flow Doppler
AFVamniotic fluid volume
LUSlower uterine segment

Section 9

Question Answer
PVLperiventricular leukomalcia
PSAprostate-specific antigen
PROMpremature rupture of membranes
BI-RADSbreast imaging and report system
BDbinocular distance
HPShypertrophic pyloric stenosis
HCChepatocellular carcinoma
IOSintraoperative sonography
LMPlast mentral period
LNMPlast normal menstral period

Section 10

Question Answer
AFPalpha fetoprotein
FHTfetal heart tones
LPlumbar puncture
ACAanterior cerebral artery
LPOleft posterior oblique
AMLandiomyolipoma, acute monocystic leukemia
LRAleft renal artery
AVSDartioventricular septal defect
ATNacutetubuler necrosis

Section 11

Question Answer
BPPbiophysical profile
ALTalanine amiotransterase
PVTportal vein thrombosis
RNIradionuclide imaging
GTDgestational trophoblastic disease
ASHDateriosclerotic heart disease
BPDbiparietal diameter
UPJurteropelvic junction
CHBcomplete heart block

Section 12

Question Answer
IODinner ocular diameter
FFTfast Fourier transform
PCIpercutaneous coronary intervention
ESPearly stage peak, end systolic pressure
PVDperipheral vascular disease
CEScontrast- enhanced sonography
CDcommon duct
BUNblood urea nitrogen
AIaortic insuffiency

Section 13

Question Answer
ASTaspaitate aminotransterase
UGIupper gastrointestinal series
TURPtransurethral resection of the prostate
PDApatent ductus arteriosus
HVDhypertensive vascular disease
CVSchronic villi sampling
IUGRintrauterine growth restriction
HCVDhypertensive cardiovascular disease
CTSUcardiothoracic step down unit
bi VADbiventricular assist device

Section 14

Question Answer
CRTcardiac resynchronization therapy
VPCventricular premature contraction
IVCinferior vena cava
UVJuretervesical junction
TTTStwin to twin transfusion syndrome
VACTERLvertebral, anal, cardiac, tracheal, esophageal, renal, limb
UEupper extremity
tVStransvaginal sonography

Section 15

Question Answer
JODMjuvenile onsent diabetes mellitus
CTAcomputed tomographic angiography
UAEuterine artery embolization
IUPintrauterine pregnancy
CSTcontraction stress test
PVRperipheral vascular resistance
VCUGvoiding cystourethogram
VATERvertebral, anal, tracheal, esophageal, renal
IRPInterxonational Reference Preperation, interventional reference point
CSPcavum septum pellucidum