Test 2 Kinesiology

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Section 1

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Which form of bone composes the outer portion that is very dense and hard and helps protect the internal bone components?Cortical
The area of senory nerve distribution of a nerve is called a dermatone
All joints permit varying degrees of motion. Which form of joint allows the greatest amount of motion?Ball and socket
The ability of a muscle or group of muscles to develop force rapidly is calledPower
As the speed of muscle shortening increases, the force the muscle is capable of producing increases (T or F)False-It decreases.
The name for a muscle action is which a muscle is lengthing while developing force is calledEccentric
Which form of bone has a longer length than width?Long bone
The sternoclavicular joint is an example of a Saddle shaped joint
The type of muscle that helps the agonist perform a certain action is called the synergist
The basic functional unit of a muscle is the sarcomere
The ability of a muscle fiber to return to its original length once the stretch on it is removed iselasticity

Section 2

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Maximum force is produced near a muscle'snormal resting length
What type of collagen in hyaline cartilage is most abundant and is responsible for biomechanical properties?type 2???
The functional unit of movement is themotor unit
The muscle fiber characteristic that allows a muscle the ability to lengthen out or stretch beyond resting length is extensibility
Joint movements that are clearly visible by an examiner and are able to be quantified with the use of goniometry are what forms of units?osteokinematic
which part of the neuron recieves information from other nerve cells or the environment?dendrite
which type of joint surface moves int he same direction as the moving body segment?concave
motor neurons have their cell bodies in the ventral horn of the spinal cord
the glenohumeral joint is an example of a ____ jointball and socket joint
the quadriceps muscle action of the trailing leg while descending stairs would be an example of ____ contractioneccentric
during the sliding filament theory of muscle contraction, ____ is released into the cell and binds with a regulating protein, troponincalcium
which form of joint receptors found in the capsule or synovium are sensiitive to stretch at the extremes of motion?ruffini endings
which muscle fibers are always activated first with activitytype 1
an arthrokinematic joint position that places the capsules and ligaments on maximal tension with approximation of the joint surfaces is considered which type of position?close packed position
a single muscle can contain many motor units, T or FTrue
immobilzation in a shortened position as you age can increase the thickening of the endomysium in a muscle, T or FTrue
Ligaments are supportive structures that connect tendon to boneFalse-Bone to bone
when a convex surface moves on a concave surface, roll and glide move in opposite directions
These myofilaments are thinner and typically more abundantactin