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Currency Actforbid colonists from printing paper money; only gold and silver could be used
PontiacIndian who lead revolt against settlers in the Northwest
Sugar Actenforced a tax on sugar cane and its byproducts
Townsend Actsa law that will enable the British government to be “Queen of the Sea”
Patrick Henry29-year-old leader, said “I know not what path others will take, but as for me, give me liberty, or give me death.”
Samuel Adamsgraduate of Harvard; “Father of American Resistance”
Thomas JeffersonFather of the Declaration of Independence, and chief writer
James Otiswrote pamphlet “The Rights of the British colonies, Asserted and Proved”
Committees of Correspondenceformulation of sending propaganda within the colonies to promote patriot cause
Daughters of Libertyrefused to use imports; used homegrown materials to spin into cloth; drank herbal tea

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Question Answer
Sons of Libertyresistance group formed out of the Loyal 9
Paul RevereSilversmith who made the famous ride crying “The British are coming!”
Toriesanother name for loyalists, British sympathizers
George Washingtoncommander in chief of continental army
John Jayone of the negotiators of the Treaty of Paris; peace diplomat
Charles Cornwallisleader in Red Coats’ army; he surrendered on October 19, after being surrounded at Yorktown
Thomas Painewrote pamphlet called Common Sense in which he called George III a “royal brute”; later wrote The Crisis
Valley Forge1776-1777, the American army spent the winter here
Ethan Allengeneral instrumental in the Southern campaign
Alexander Hamilton federalist, editor of The Federalist
John Hancockship seized by customs on a technicality; first to sign the Declaration of Independence

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Daniel Shay led Shay’s rebellion in Massachusetts
Benedict Arnoldleading general during Revolutionary War; later became a traitor
Marquis de Lafayettecommander of the French fleet at Yorktown
John Dickinsonwrote Letters from a Pennsylvania Farmer
Yorktownsite where Charles Cornwallis raised the white flag and the patriots ultimately won the war
HessiansGerman mercenary soldiers hired by the British
Abigail AdamsWife of John Adams
Nathaniel Greenappointed by Washington over 1600 regulars during Revolutionary War; called “the fighting Quaker”
Elizabeth “Mumbet” FreemanSued her Massachusetts master for freedom in 1781 and won
Lord George GermainBritish Secretary of state for the colonies during Revolutionary War
Joseph BrantMohawk Chief who sided with the British during Revolutionary War
John Paul JonesYoung Scotsman led U.S. navy in successful battles against the Royal Navy.
Herbal Tearoot beer

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