Test 1 Drugs- GI

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Question Answer
CimetidineH2 antagonist, can go to breast milk, can produce gynecomastia by competing with DHT, also inhibits CYP450
RanitidineH2 antagonist, if a drug needs acid to be absorbed this may stop it
OmeprazolePPI, avoid in people with long QT, inhibits CYP2C19 which activated clopidogrel (a blood thinner)
SucralfateAntacid, makes a gel that bind gastric epithelial cells and protects
BismuthPepto bismol- binds to mucus glycoprotein and makes protective barrier, may stim bicarb and PGE secretion
MisoprostolThis drug i used in cervical ripening, also good for protecting stomach as a PGE1 analog
LoperamideOpioid agonist, inhibit release of Ach, high dose can cause CV events in high dose, does not cross BB
DiphenoxylateOpioid agonist, inhibits release of Ach, does cross BBB, mix with atropine so you feel shitty
DocusateBecomes emulsified with stoll, softening it
Polyethylene GlycolNonabdobable sugar or salt, bring i water so moves on
MetoclopramideD2 receptor agonist, sifts tone to cholinergic thus smooth muscle stim, increase gastric empty
Mesalamine5 ASA suppository, may block PG and LT synthesis in colon
SennaCathartic (wide open)
CascaraCathartic (wide open)
H1 + H2Useful for treating chronic uticaria

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