Territory & States

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Question Answer
What is Political Geography?The study of the political organization of planet earth
What are the three "branches" of political geography?Supranational, National, and Sub-national
What is supranational?How they work together
What is national?Things like countries
What is sub-national?Things like states and counties
What is territoriality?Sense of ownership over a part of Earth's surface
What is sovereignty?Right to control the social, political, and economic matter within a territory
What is a state?A political unit with territorial boundaries, a permanent population, a sovereign government, and a working economy
What is a nation?A group of people who share a common identity (culture) such as language, religion, ethnicity, or have a shared history
What is a nation state?A state whose inhabitants make up a single nationality
What do nation states include?Multinational states, a stateless nation, and a multistate nation
How did the nation-state evolve?Tribal societies, city-states, feudal states, kingdoms, and then nation-state
What are the steps in boundary creation?Definition, delimitation, demarcation, and administration
What are the three types of political boundaries?Cultural, physical, and geometric