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Residence timeThe average length of time a parcel of water spends in a reservoir can be calculated from the ratio of water storage to inflow or outflow (equivalent assuming steady state)
Lapse rateThe change in variable with height. The temperature change with altitude
Specific heat capacityThe heat required to raise the temperature of a given mass of a substance by a given temperature rise
Latent heatThe heat required for one unit mass of substance to change from one state to another without a rise in temperature
Partial pressureThe total pressure exerted by the atmosphere is the sum of partial pressures exerted by each component gas. For water vapour the partial pressure is called the vapour pressure
Relative humidityRatio of airs actual vapour pressure to the saturated vapour pressure at the particular temperature and pressure


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Badlandsextensive tracts of heavily eroded, uncultivable land with little vegetation from water erosion
Dew Point TemperatureTemperature at which a parcel of air becomes saturated without a change in moisture content
AdiabaticProcess which occurs without external changes of heat
RillsWater flowing over bare soil erodes and removes lines of soil creating a rill, eventually leading to a gully formation
Tucker 1998Structure of catchment topography depends on interaction between hillslope and channel processes