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Question Answer
FORWARDForward or in front
AFTRear of the back
INBOARDDenotes a position center of the aircraft
OUTBOARDDenotes a position furthest from the center of the aircraft
FUSELAGEMain body of the aircraft to which the wings, landing gear and tail are attached
CONTROLSThe mechanical/hydraulic devices used by the pilot to fly the aircraft
BELLYCompartments in the lower section of aircraft fuselage where luggage and cargo are carried
CABINUpper section of aircraft fuselage divided into zones where guests are carried
CONFIGURATIONThe arrangement of cabin guests seats
FLIGHT DECKThe forward compartment of the aircraft occupied by the flight crew
JUMPSEATSpecific seats in the cockpit and cabin( of a specific and regulated design), designated for crew member use only
GALLEYArea of aircraft where food-service equipment is stores and meals are prepared

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BULKHEADA dividing wall or partition in the aircraft cabin
TAXIAny ground movement of the aircraft while under its own power; taxi-out for departure or taxi-in to terminal after landing
TAKEOFFThe act of lifting the aircraft from the runway
ACENT/CLIMBUpward/rising movement of an aircraft until it levels off at cruising altitude
ALTITUDEThe height above sea level at which an aircraft operates
DESCENTThe downward movement of an aircraft from cruising altitude to landing
LANDINGThe act of bringing the aircraft down on the runway
BOARDThe process of guests leaving the gate and getting onto the aircraft
DEPLANEThe process of Guests leaving the aircraft and entering the terminal area
BLOCK-OUTWhen blocks are removed from aircraft wheels for departure and initial movement of aircraft begins
BLOCK-INWhen blocks are positioned at aircraft wheels upon arrival/parking of aircraft
BLOCK-TIMEA period of time that commences when the aircraft leaves the blocks at the departure location and terminates when the aircraft arrives at the arrival location