Terms (E-L) Sq3

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Question Answer
-emiapertaining to blood
encephal/opertaining to the brain
encephalitisinflammation of the brain
endocardititisinflammation of the inside lining of the heart
enteritisinflammation of the small intestine
gastrectasiastretching of the stomach
gastritisinflammation of the stomach
gingivoglossitisinflammation of the gums and tongue
gynecopathyany disease of the female reproductive system
hemiplegiaparalysis of one half of the body
hemostasisto stop or control bleeding
hepatomegalyenlargement of the liver
hyperplasiaexcessive formation of cells or tissue
hypoglycemialess than normal blood glucose level
hypothermiabelow normal temperature
hysterorrhaphysuturing of the uterus
inter-between, in the midst
intracerebralwithin the main part of the brain
intravascularwithin a vessel
laparotomyincision of the abdominal wall
leukopeniadecreased white blood cells
lipectomyexcision of fatty tissue
litholysisdestruction of a stone
-logythe study of
lymphadenitisinflammation of the lymph glands/nodes
-lysisdestruction, destroy, dissolution